Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A Little T-Swift, Nicki Minaj Feud Broke Out On Twitter Last Night

And then Nicki retweeted this:

If you aren't Team T-Swift in this little affair then you might wanna check your pulse. And I like Nicki Minaj. But she's all over the place here. I don't even know what her argument is. Is it that she has a fat ass so she doesn't get nominations but skinny girls do? Or is it that she's black so she doesn't get nominations? Or is it that Tidal sucks so she doesn't get nominations? Honestly, all arguments are pretty shitty ones because a) Nicki Minaj is pretty fit and while yeah she has a big ass and tits, she's not big enough to be complaining about skinny girls getting nominations over her due to her shape -- in fact she'd probably be more inclined to get a nomination for the way she looks; b) the nominations have nothing to do with race because Beyonce, Kendrick Lamar and Bruno Mars are all nominated for Video of the Year; and c) Tidal, the failed attempt to get people to pay to stream music, has nothing to do with the VMAs soooo yeah Nicki you're wrong in every aspect of this argument.

I'm pretty sure "Anaconda" wasn't up for video of the year because it's just a straight up awful song. I mean yeah it broke records and yeah I can watch Nicki Minaj bounce her ass for four minutes but even though this is a music video award, the song has to be somewhat decent. And "Anaconda" is a really terrible song so that's that. And bouncing your ass and twerking for the entire video isn't choreography. It's just borderline porn. And that's okay. It's nice. But you can't complain about not getting that nomination. Just grow up Nicki and realize that sometimes you don't get nominated for things. Watch the ESPYs and you'll learn a thing or two about snubs.

Taylor's response was lame but she didn't even have to say anything to win this one. Nicki killed herself by going on and on and not making sense and changing her argument 8000 times.

Aaaaand then Katy Perry got involved and kinda destroyed Tay.

I technically never picked sides in the whole Taylor Swift, Katy Perry thing and I've taken some heat for it (by heat I mean that Luke gives me shit for it) but I can recognize when one of my girls crushes the other in a particular instance. Nicki just crushed herself with Tay getting credit for the kill, and Katy Perry pretty much just ruined Tay with this tweet. I mean it's true. Taylor says "unlike you to pit women against each other" but the video she has nominated for video of the year is a diss track about another woman. Soooo sorry Tay, I had been giving you the edge over KP lately (in my mind, never went public with that) because I hadn't heard from her in a minute but here she is out of nowhere just wrecking Taylor. Sorry Tay, she's got ya here.


Taylor conceded the battle, but she knows she was right. There's no way Nicki Minaj wasn't directing her tweets at Tay. But T-Swift just doesn't wanna have to deal with this shit. 

Honestly, I miss the 16 year old Tay that was just ruthless and gave zero fucks. I mean I know Nicki wasn't one of her boyfriends but I wouldn't have minded seeing a little fire from Tay in this situation. And since it's Thursday now, I'll give you a little bit of a throwback to show you what I'm talking about.

Nicki Minaj is wasted time for Taylor Swift. Needs to strike a match to it instead of fake apologizing.

Also, screw this version of the song. If you aren't afraid of the word "gay" being used in a song, here's the real song. Tay used to be a savage. Now she's just a nice girl who puts out absolute fire jams. Love her either way.

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