Tuesday, September 15, 2015

College Football Roundup: Week 2

I really need to be more on top of these things. I'll be better going forward I hope. A decent week of college football considering it was only week 2. Great week for the SEC (not). Here we go.

1. Ohio State Buckeyes (vs. Hawaii, W 38-0): The only thing that mattered about this game was Hawaii's fire flames rainbow throwbacks.

2. Alabama Crimson Tide (vs. Middle Tennessee, W 37-10): Derrick Henry had 3 TDs and is good.

3. TCU Horned Frogs (vs. Stephen F Austin, W 70-7): Hanging 70 points on the board is exactly what you should do against SFA. 

4. Baylor Bears (vs. Lamar, W 66-31): When Baylor plays a real team they're gonna get burned. No reason Lamar should score 31 points.

5. Michigan State Spartans (vs. #7 Oregon, W 31-28): I didn't see as much of this game as I would've liked because I was wrapped up in an intense game of slap cup and for some reason while partying someone switched to LSU/Miss St and never changed it back. Oh well. Obviously a big win for MSU. Basically all I have to say about that.

6. Auburn Tigers (vs. Jacksonville St, W 27-20 OT): Damn Jacksonville St for kicking 17 yard punts and ruining this game. At least the entire country found out that Auburn isn't actually good. #SilverLinings

7. Oregon Ducks (@ #5 Michigan State, L 31-28): Tough loss for the Ducks but they seem good enough to be able to bounce back.

8. USC Trojans (vs. Idaho, W 59-9): Since I picked USC to make the playoffs, I'm gonna keep hyping them up even though they're playing garbage opponents.

9. Notre Dame Fighting Irish (@ Virginia, W 34-27): Even before Malik Zaire snapped his ankle in half, ND was struggling. Luckily for them, the back up came in and dropped a dime TD pass with only seconds left on the clock, murdering UVA fans everywhere.

10. Georgia Bulldogs (@ Vanderbilt, W 31-14): At several points late in the game I thought Vandy had a chance to make a comeback or at least make it seem like they were in the game, but their QB is an absolute spaz so they didn't. At least they had an awesome pooch onside kick recovery before the QB threw an INT in the endzone.

11. Florida State Seminoles (vs. South Florida, W 34-14): Dalvin Cook ran all over the place Saturday. He's gonna be the guy Clemson has to stop when the two meet in November, not Everett Golson.

12. Clemson Tigers (vs. Appalachian St, W 41-10): Clemson started off slowly. Deshaun looked sluggish and even threw an interception which sucked. He also almost got injured on a TERRIBLE snap by the center when he went to recover it. I thought it was a broken collarbone to be honest, but he only missed one play and seems fine. A 28 point second quarter helped put this game out of reach, and then Deshaun was relieved in the third quarter at some point. It'll be fun to see what numbers he puts up when he actually plays a full game. The first team defense looked great picking off the App State QB three times. Also, Wayne Gallman should probably be jailed for murdering an App State guy. See highlights.

13. UCLA Bruins (@ UNLV, W 37-3): Everyone's going 6 to midnight for UCLA and I'm not buying it.

14. LSU Tigers (@ #25 Mississippi State, W 21-19): LSU didn't score in the 4th quarter and almost blew a 21-6 lead. If only a certain fella on Miss St knew how to catch a 2 pt conversion attempt.

15. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (vs. Tulane, W 65-10): Tough to ease up on lesser opponents when all you do is run the football in the first place. Sick Tech.

16. Texas A&M Aggies (vs. Ball State, W 56-23): Hey Ball State had a QB drafted ahead of Tajh Boyd two years ago so great win for the Aggies.

17. Ole Miss Rebels (vs. Fresno State, W 73-21): Swag Kelly just puttin up numbers for the Rebels!

18. Arkansas Razorbacks (vs. Toledo, L 16-12): Remember when I said Arkansas would win the SEC? Yeah well they still are because I hate the rest of the SEC, but this loss was not only terrible but it was hilarious. Bret Biliema shit on Ohio State's schedule earlier in the week, and then he just goes out and loses to Toledo. Love it.

19. Oklahoma Sooners (@ #23 Tennessee, W 31-24 2OT): Great comeback by OU on the road against a ranked opponent. I don't think Tennessee is that good but still. Nice job battling back and getting a dub.

20. Boise State Broncos (@ BYU, L 35-24): Giving up 21 points in the fourth quarter is not a good look.

21. Missouri Tigers (@ Arkansas State, W 27-20): Mizzou blows, lucky to get out alive. Maty Mauk is so bad.

22. Arizona Wildcats (@ Nevada, W 44-20): I don't know who Nick Wilson is but he ran for 194 yards and 3 TDs so he might be decent.

23. Tennessee Volunteers (vs. #19 Oklahoma, L 31-24 2OT): Gotta be a pretty embarrassing loss for the Vols. Told ya they weren't good.

24. Utah Utes (vs. Utah State, W 24-14): I guess Utah is #24 and I guess they're okay. Not sure though.

25. Mississippi State Bulldogs (vs. #14 LSU, L 21-19): Almost completed the comeback in the fourth quarter, but oh well. Feel like they'll be able to compete in the SEC.

Alright, that's a wrap for week 2. Again, I hope to have these out on Mondays instead of Tuesdays in the future but whatever. Not like the 4 people who read it care. See ya next week.


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