Tuesday, September 22, 2015

College Football Roundup: Week 3

Another great week of college football. And I'm late doing this again. Oops, oh well. Let's dive right into it here.

1. Ohio State Buckeyes (vs. Northern Illinois, W 20-13): Cardale didn't look good in this one, but luckily for OSU, Northern Illinois' QB was absolute trash in trying to take the lead/tie the game.

2. Alabama Crimson Tide (vs. #15 Ole Miss, L 43-37): I was lucky enough to get back from the Kesha concert (which was awesome by the way, a little disappointed in the lack of females that slept in my bed that night, but awesome nonetheless) in time for most of the second half of this game. Alabama as a team, and their fan base died at least 5 separate times Saturday night and it was really fun to watch. Swag Kelly still putting up numbers for Ole Miss. 

3. TCU Horned Frogs (vs. SMU, W 56-37): Much like 2011 and 2012 at Clemson, Chad Morris' offense is putting up points for SMU but the defense is horrendous. Also, TCU is just a lot more talented than SMU. That might have something to do with it.

4. Michigan State Spartans (vs. Air Force, W 35-21): Not sure what to say about this game. At least MSU didn't have a let down after beating Oregon?

5. Baylor Bears: BYE

6. USC Trojans (vs. Stanford, L 41-31): I don't know how Stanford goes from scoring 6 points vs Northwestern to scoring 41 against USC two weeks later, but kudos to them. I hate Stanford, but I can't say anything bad about them after a win like that. As for USC, they're back to sucking I guess.

7. Georgia Bulldogs (vs. South Carolina, W 52-20): Love when SCAR gets absolutely demolished. They might lose 8-9 games this year. A UGA linebacker proposed to his hot girlfriend after the win too so that's pretty cool.

8. Notre Dame Fighting Irish (vs. #14 Georgia Tech, W 30-22): Notre Dame held off a late surge by Tech and their running back ran wild so I'm back to being kinda nervous for next week's game against them. But they do still have a back up QB so I'm not sold on ND being that good yet. 

9. Florida State Seminoles (@ Boston College, W 14-0): FSU's offense looked like absolute garbage, but fortunately for them BC shouldn't even have a football program.

10. UCLA Bruins (vs. #19 BYU, W 24-23): Man, screw BYU for blowing their lead. UCLA is NOT a top 10 team.

11. Clemson Tigers (@ Louisville, W 20-17): Clemson's first road game on Thursday night did not go as planned but they still came out with the W. Deshaun struggled at times, but luckily Wayne Gallman had himself a day. The defense played great again, but the special teams is AWFUL. Definitely gonna have to make some improvements on offense and special teams in order to take care of Notre Dame. I think being back in Death Valley for that game will help out. My spin on this is that Louisville was 0-2 and desperately needed a win. They didn't play well, but they made enough plays to give Clemson a scare. So Clemson survived on the road on a Thursday night primetime game against a conference opponent who was desperate for victory. When you put it that way it doesn't sound that bad.

12. Oregon Ducks (vs. Georgia State, W 61-28): Safe to say Oregon took out their frustration from last week's loss on Georgia St.

13. LSU Tigers (vs. #18 Auburn, W 45-21): Leonard Fournette is a straight up beast. That's pretty much all you need to know about this game. Oh, and Auburn sucks.

14. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (@ #8 Notre Dame, L 30-22): Finally played a real team and your stupid little offense got shut down. Now you're just a loser football team going to school in Atlanta.

15. Ole Miss Rebels (@ #2 Alabama, W 43-37): I discussed a lot about this game earlier, but let me just say that winning in Tuscaloosa is straight up impressive. Also, I'm gonna put this play up again.

16. Oklahoma Sooners (vs. Tulsa, W 52-38): Baker Mayfield had himself a day with 6 total TDs but the D gave up 38 points to Tulsa so you can look at this win however you want to.

17. Texas A&M Aggies (vs. Nevada, W 44-27): Aggies stay undefeated. I think that's all I can say about this one.

18. Auburn Tigers (@ #13 LSU, L 45-21): Auburn sucks.

19. BYU Cougars (@ #10 UCLA, L 24-23): BYU led 20-10 and 23-17. Cmon guys, gotta finish that out.

20. Arizona Wildcats (vs. Northern Arizona, W 77-13): I love when teams hang up 70+ on opponents.

21. Utah Utes (@ Fresno State, W 45-24): Utes stay undefeated with a nice road win. I don't think there's another Carr brother at Fresno State, but still, nice to get an easy win on the road.

22. Missouri Tigers (vs. UConn, W 9-6): I'm so glad I didn't watch this game. So so so so glad.

23. Northwestern Wildcats (@ Duke, W 19-10): Northwestern keeps on rolling. Love it.

24. Wisconsin Badgers (vs. Troy, W 28-3): There's that Badgers defense. Granted it's Troy, but whatever.

25. Oklahoma State Cowboys (vs. UTSA, W 69-14): How bout the Cowboys sneaking into the top 25. Demolishing UTSA will help them stay there.

And that is a wrap for Week 3. Stay tuned for more CFB roundups to come. Hopefully I get week 4 out on time.

Go (Clemson) Tigers.

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