Friday, September 4, 2015

Free Money Friday

Alright we're back. Free money friday. If you don't like free money, i recommend not reading this. I'll admit, I had a BRUTAL start last night, but I was just shaking off the rust. Gonna crush tomorrow. First weekend of the season and I couldn't be any more fired up.

We'll start off with UGA vs. UL Monroe. I don't have much to say about this game, don't care about either team, but what I will tell you is HAMMER the over. The game is in Athens and the 3rd quarter always seems like it takes forever. 54 is LOW so definitely take that. 

Next we'll go with Northwestern +12, I definitely think that Stanford is going to win but their coach is so conservative I don't think it will be a margin as big as 12.

I'll take Auburn -11 here. They should be a good team this year, they've got the new QB Jeremy Johnson who's got an absolute cannon. Auburn's fast paced offensive should be hard for Louisville's young defense to stop.

Don't have a lot to say here but, I'm gonna go with ASU +3. Texas A&M has been poopy so I think ASU can steal this one. The only doubt I have is that the game is home for A&M.

I've been having a tough time getting a read on this game. Notre Dame is supposed to be great but I think Texas has a chance to win this game. I'll take Texas +10

Here's the big game of the night. Wisco vs. Bama. Bama -13 here is pretty generous. I don't think there's anyway they win by 13. They don't have a QB so it'll be a toss up for them, on the same hand Wisco doesn't have a QB either but they never do so they're used to it. I think Wisco will surprise everyone and keep it close. 

I think -14 for the defending champions is pretty easy. They haven't officially announced who the starting QB will be but it has to be JT Barrett. He was named a team captain so there's no way that he won't start. I think OSU is ready to get back out on the field and play. 

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