Wednesday, September 30, 2015

NFL Week 3 Round Up: AFC

So as Mark said in his blog we're starting a new feature here recapping the week in the NFL. He's taking the NFC and im doing AFC so listen up ya bishes. 

 Jacksonville Jaguars 17 at. New England Patriots 51
Obviously this was a huge game for me. My boys lit it up against the Jags. I don't think it comes as a surprise to anyone. My boy TB12 threw his 400th TD pass, NBD. Immediately after the touchdown, Amendola gave the ball away to someone in the crowd cause no one on the field realized that it was a milestone. That's the kind of game they play in New England, only worried about the team. Afterwards when TB12 was asked about it he simply answered "I don't care." My recommendation  for all New England fans to book their flights to San Francisco for February 7th. 19-0.

Indianapolis Colts 35 at. Tennesse Titans 33
This was an interesting game because the Colts have been unreal shitty this season so far. Andrew Luck is throwing pick after pick. On the other hand, the Titans have Mariota the Heisman winning QB and #2 overall draft pick who's been having a good season. The Colts barely edged out their first W of the season. 

Oakland Raiders 27 at. Cleveland Browns 20
So I guess the big news here is that the Raiders aren't all that bad anymore? They're 2-1 on the season which is pretty surprising for them. Maybe Derek Carr is finally developing, the addition of Amari Cooper can't hurt either. The Browns did the dumbest thing in the world by starting McCown over Manziel. I don't think anyone in this world understands why they did that. Why start someone that has proven time and time again that he is a mediocre back up QB over a guy in his young 20's who hasn't had the opportunity to prove himself. 

Cincinnati Bengals 28 at. Baltimore Ravens 24
All I have to say about this is that the Bengals are the biggest fraud 3-0 team out there and the Ravens are 0-3 because Harbaugh messed with the Patriots. Suck it Baltimore losers.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 9 at. Houston Texans 19
Jameis Winston blows, he'll never be anything more than a mediocre QB. Everyone thought that the Texans were gonna be this mega team and I feel bad that Wilfork isn't on a better team but JJ Watt is the biggest hardo in the world so he and the Texasn can suck eggs.

Buffalo Bills 41 at. Miami Dolphins 14
I'll be the first to admit it, I love the Bills when they aren't playing the Patriots. Bills mafia is the only life i want. T-Mobile just annihilated the Dolphins. How about all those idiots that said the 'phins would win the AFC East, LOL! 

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