Tuesday, November 17, 2015

College Football Roundup: Week 11

Another awesome weekend of college football. A lot of upsets this week as we saw an entire conference's playoff hopes shatter, and a team that's all too familiar with crazy finishes part of another one. Let's go.

1. Clemson Tigers (@ Syracuse, W 37-27): I blame the fact that Syracuse even had a prayer against us on Kelly Bryant taking the snap on the first play of the third offensive series and fumbling the ball. Clemson was up 14-0 about 3 minutes into the game and got the ball back, and instead of sending Deshaun out to get another scoring drive started, we send out Kelly Bryant to run a QB draw and he fumbled. Now I think he was already down but there wasn't a good enough angle to challenge it. And Kelly Bryant will probably end up being a great quarterback but just let Deshaun do his thing man. He's an unreal football player and he proved it again Saturday. Let him ball out until it's a blow out in the 4th quarter and it's not worth still having him in there. Penalties killed us all day this week, and the defense looked pitiful against the run which was surprising considering we shut down Georgia Tech's option but couldn't do it against friggin Syracuse. But whatever, 10-0 and still in the driver's seat. Let's go.

2. Alabama Crimson Tide (@ #17 Mississippi State, W 31-6): Derrick Henry is probably at the top of the Heisman race right now with Deshaun close behind. He's a tremendous running back with the power to plow through people and the speed needed to break away once he reaches the second level. He's truly fun to watch. 

3. Ohio State Buckeyes (@ Illinois, W 28-3): Nothing really to say about this game other than the fact that OSU keeps winning as they go back to JT Barrett at QB.

4. Notre Dame Fighting Irish (vs. Wake Forest, W 28-7): Not dominant, but Josh Adams had a 98 yard TD run so that was pretty cool.

5. Iowa Hawkeyes (vs. Minnesota, W 40-35): Sorry but I still haven't seen this team play. Do they even play on national television?? 10-0 though, Hawks keep rolling.

6. Baylor Bears (vs. #12 Oklahoma, L 44-34): I hate to say I told you so, buuuut I told you so. Baylor is a fraud team. And I got people chirping me saying their QB is out for the season and all that jazz. The point of Baylor's offense is that anyone can run it and win with it. But guess what, it's only designed to beat the shitty teams on Baylor's schedule. Because the back up QB came in and threw for 400 yards last week and won, but this week they played someone good and he didn't get the job done. Baylor is a fraud team. I've said it all year. And I'd be shocked if they beat TCU or OK State. The fat guy touchdown was awesome though. See it in the highlights.

7. Stanford Cardinal (vs. Oregon, L 38-36): Part 1 of the Pac 12 losing its chances of having a team in the playoffs. This was actually one of the best games of the weekend, as Oregon is hitting their stride just in time to crush Stanford's hopes and dreams.

8. Oklahoma State Cowboys (@ Iowa State, W 35-31): The Cowboys survived and stayed undefeated with a furious comeback against a terrible Iowa State team. But hey a win is a win.

9. LSU Tigers (vs. Arkansas, L 31-14): How bout LSU's tight end calling their fans the "worst fans ever" after they left early. Hey bro, maybe if you want fans to stay you shouldn't get blown out by an unranked team, and just mail it in for the season just because you lost one game to Alabama the week before. Losers.

10. Utah Utes (@ Arizona, L 37-30 2OT): And here's part 2 of the Pac 12 losing its chances of having a team in the playoffs. Gotta suck for the Utes that they couldn't pull through on a night where Stanford went down. 

11. Florida Gators (@ South Carolina, W 24-14): Gonna be pretty interesting if the Gators can give Alabama a run for their money in the SEC title game. Also, I can't wait for Clemson to play South Carolina. Gonna be so much fun.

12. Oklahoma Sooners (@ #6 Baylor, W 44-34): Baker Mayfield had a very impressive game, especially in the clutch. And he has quietly become a serious Heisman contender.

13. Michigan State Spartans (vs. Maryland, W 24-7): The Spartans just have to hope that Connor Cook is okay to go against Ohio State. Because otherwise they're done.

14. Michigan Wolverines (@ Indiana, W 48-41 2OT): And here's our team that's always in the middle of wild finishes. This game was an absolute thriller. 

15. TCU Horned Frogs (vs. Kansas, W 23-17): Now I know Trevone Boykin got hurt, but c'mon. Kansas hasn't won a game this year. The back up should at least be able to do something. The Frogs barely escaped.

16. Florida State Seminoles (vs. NC State, W 34-17): Dalvin Cook is still good. Other than that, I don't know.

17. Mississippi State Bulldogs (vs. #2 Alabama, L 31-6): Bama is just too good. I mean Dak Prescott threw his first interception of the year, so it's not so much on the Bulldogs here. Bama's just really good.

18. Northwestern Wildcats (vs. Purdue, W 21-14): Northwestern has to have the most boring wins week in and week out.

19. UCLA Bruins (vs. Washington State, L 31-27): Man, just when I say UCLA is looking good again, they go and lose to Wazzou at home. I don't understand this team. But, at least they have a young quarterback that has shown he can lead this team to bigger things in the future. At least I think he can. He might not.

20. Navy Midshipmen (vs. SMU, W 55-14): I hate Navy, but it's pretty cool to see a military academy in the top 25. Congrats to Keenan Reynolds on breaking the all time rushing touchdowns record as well. God I wish Army would get good at football though.

21. Memphis Tigers (@ #24 Houston, L 35-34): I don't really know how Memphis blew their huge lead, but they did. Sucks for them.

22. Temple Owls (@ South Florida, L 44-23): Well, see ya Temple.

23. North Carolina Tar Heels (vs. Miami, W 59-21): UNC is on an absolute tear and Miami is their latest victim. Didn't beat em as bad as Clemson did though so...

24. Houston Cougars (vs. #21 Memphis, W 35-34): Houston stays undefeated with the big comeback. 

25. Wisconsin Badgers: BYE

Another week in the books. See ya next week. Go Tigers.

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