Monday, November 23, 2015

College Football Roundup: Week 12

Another fantastic week of college football. I attended my last game as a student in the best place on earth so it was a little bittersweet. Not being able to spend 6 or 7 Saturdays every fall in Death Valley might be the toughest part of having to move on to the real world. But anyway, let's get the roundup rolling.

1. Clemson Tigers (vs. Wake Forest, W 33-13): The Tiger defense was back to being spectacular on Saturday, but Wake Forest sucks so we'll have to keep up the intensity the next two weeks. Deshaun made a couple bad throws that resulted in interceptions but he put up big numbers yet again. The turnovers as a whole are a little concerning, especially when it comes to punt returns. We have yet to find a guy who can stand back there and just call a fair catch and actually catch the ball. It bothers me quite a bit that every guy we have return punts has muffed at least one punt. But whatever. We're 11-0, number 1 in the country, and get to play the horrendous 3-8 chickens this coming Saturday. Can't wait to hang up 50 on those losers.

2. Alabama Crimson Tide (vs. Charleston Southern, W 56-6): Just a nice FCS warm up for the Iron Bowl. Also, thanks to every other SEC team sucking, I don't think any win on Bama's resume actually looks that great. 

3. Ohio State Buckeyes (vs. #9 Michigan State, L 17-14): The two offenses in this game were absolutely pathetic. Something tells me the Bucks should probably have run Ezekiel Elliot more than twice in the second half, but that's just me. Either way, OSU hasn't been that great this year despite their previously undefeated record. And now they finally lost. They better watch out for Jim Harbaugh and the Wolverines this week too.

4. Notre Dame Fighting Irish (vs. Boston College, W 19-16): This was a home game for the Irish even though it was played in Fenway Park. It was more than satisfying to see both end zones painted for Notre Dame when the game was played in Boston against Boston College. Fenway Park SUCKS. As far as the actual game went, it was pretty boring.

5. Iowa Hawkeyes (vs. Purdue, W 40-20): Psst. I still haven't watched a single game Iowa has played in this year.

6. Oklahoma State (vs. #10 Baylor, L 45-35): And just like that OK State's undefeated season ends at home to a team on their third string quarterback. They still have a chance to win the Big 12 though because they play Oklahoma this week, and Baylor and TCU play each other. And winning the Big 12 would give them a solid shot at the playoffs.

7. Oklahoma Sooners (vs. #18 TCU, W 30-29): Baker Mayfield left the game with a concussion so I'm sure that's OU's biggest concern right now. They're lucky they didn't have to keep playing into OT with Trevor Knight though since TCU decided to go for 2 and win with 50 seconds left instead of just tying the game. So dumb.

8. Florida Gators (vs. Florida Atlantic, W 20-14 OT): Pretty unreal that UF got taken to OT by FAU. But that just shows the overall strength of the SEC. Oh wait, FAU isn't in the SEC? They're an FCS team? Well shit, there goes that.

9. Michigan State Spartans (@ #3 Ohio State, W 17-14): I still don't understand how Michigan State won this game without Connor Cook. Their defense finally showed up, but still. It's not like MSU crushed OSU's defense. Just a really strange game that Sparty came out on top of.

10. Baylor Bears (@ #6 Oklahoma State, W 45-35): And I still don't understand how Baylor won this game with their third string QB. I owe somewhat of an apology to Baylor after crushing them all year as a fraud team. But whatever. They'll probably lose this week to TCU because they are frauds. Or to Texas the week after.

11. Stanford Cardinal (vs. Cal, W 35-22): Whatever Stanford. Go home, your season's done.

12. Michigan Wolverines (@ Penn State, W 28-16): I don't have anything to say about this game, but let's see if Michigan can finally beat Ohio State this week.

13. Utah Utes (vs. UCLA, L 17-9): Nice offense Utah. What a collapse by them the last few weeks.

14. Florida State Seminoles (vs. Chattanooga, W 52-13): Pretty sure FSU should be favorites over Florida. Just because they can beat the FCS teams they play without getting forced to OT.

15. LSU Tigers (@ #22 Ole Miss, L 38-17): God, LSU sucks. Bama's win over them shouldn't even matter anymore. 

16. Navy Midshipmen (@ Tulsa, W 44-21): It's crazy how quickly Navy became the best team in the American conference. Pretty much came out of nowhere.

17. North Carolina Tar Heels (@ Virginia Tech, W 30-27 OT): Oh look, UNC isn't that great after all. Can't wait to crush them in the ACC title game.

18. TCU Horned Frogs (@ #7 Oklahoma, L 30-29): I would have understood going for 2 to win instead of just going into OT if TCU had nothing to play for. But before they lost, they still had a shot at the Big 12 title and the playoffs. Just a really weird move.

19. Houston Cougars (@ UConn, L 20-17): Down goes Houston! Love that UConn was the team to end their perfect season. Gotta love it.

20. Northwestern Wildcats (@ #25 Wisconsin, W 13-7): Northwestern absolutely has the most boring games of any top 25 team week in and week out.

21. Memphis Tigers (@ Temple, L 31-12): Oh look at that, Memphis actually sucks?! Who woulda thought?

22. Ole Miss Rebels (vs. #15 LSU, W 38-17): Ole Miss has had a pretty up and down season, but they could actually still win the SEC West if Auburn upsets Alabama this week. That would be spectacular. I hope all hell breaks loose in the shitty SEC.

23. Oregon Ducks (vs. #24 USC, W 48-28): Oh, welcome back Oregon. So nice to see you again.

24. USC Trojans (@ #23 Oregon, L 48-28): Welcome back as well USC.......aaaaaand goodbye.

25. Wisconsin Badgers (vs. #20 Northwestern, L 13-7): See ya Wisco!

And I will see you next week, because that wraps up week 12. But before I go, here is my new favorite video of all time. #GoTigers #SCarHateWeek

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