Monday, August 29, 2016

                                       Colin Kaepernick Hot take?

To me this is not really a hot take, because what I like to see Colin K do is storm down the field late in a football game, break tackles and ankles to win a game for his team.  I do not think it's right if  a guy stays seated during our national anthem, but also, who cares.  Seeing someone sit during the national anthem is something I glance at, gather my opinion, then move on with my life.  I see people supporting Colin and people against him, I do not particularly care for what he did, but he is his own person so there's nothing to get butt hurt about.  There has been a number of African-Americans killed and for Colin to stand up (or I guess sit down) because he is sick of it is respectable, then again I'm thinking cool bro you sat on a fuckin bench looking like a pouty millionaire athlete.  Colin's reasons made sense but his execution was lame and caused a stir that fills peoples' news feeds with whiny facebook hardos.  I don't care that Colin Kaepernick sat during the national anthem, he can do whatever he wants as a United States citizen and he was vocal about his reasons.  Social media has blown this decision out of proportion and now I have to exercise my mouse pad and scroll past the posts and risk mild hand injury, Thanks Obama.

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