Sunday, October 9, 2016

College Football Roundup: Week 5

Just getting around to last week in college football on Thursday (didn't finish writing it til Sunday of the next week). Classic me. Sick. Anyway, let's get started.

1. Alabama Crimson Tide (vs. Kentucky, W 34-6): Sick Bama. Someone needs to expose this team.

2. Ohio State Buckeyes (vs. Rutgers, W 58-0): Sweet game down in Columbus.

3. Louisville Cardinals (@ #5 Clemson, L 42-36): Louisville was lucky to be in this game really. And yet all I've heard since Saturday is how Louisville (favored by 2 points coming in) increased their playoff chances by how well they played against Clemson, despite losing, and that Bobby Petrino is such a great football coach. Gtfo. This team is overrated. If Clemson didn't turn the ball over 5 times with just mental errors as well as physical miscues by talented players, and if Clemson didn't score in under a minute almost every touchdown they had, then Lousiville doesn't run 85 plays or however many it was and they don't nearly double Clemson in time of possession. And they don't get nearly as many yards as they finally racked up. Lamar Jackson is fast as hell though.

4. Michigan Wolverines (vs. #8 Wisconsin, W 14-7): Tight game obviously, and both these teams' defenses are for real. Wasn't able to watch it though so I don't have much on this one. That dude on Michigan had probably the play of the year with that game-sealing interception. Incredible play. 

5. Clemson Tigers (vs. #3 Louisville, W 42-36): Game of the year so far. Was unbelievable to be there for it. Love my Tigers coming out on top despite a horrible third quarter and half of the fourth quarter. But hey, that's why Deshaun is the QB to beat in college football. Because he didn't play his best, but when it came time to capitalize and to be clutch, he went out there and performed. People are making a big deal over Lamar Jackson having a ton of yards but he took so many more snaps than Deshaun and Deshaun went out there and was 10x more efficient with the football. Even with the 5 team turnovers, Clemson was more efficient with the ball than Louisville was. It's easy to be confident in your team when you know that at any point your team could have a 20 second scoring drive and be right back in the game. Louisville had a 90% chance to win the game when they went up by 8. Yeah I don't think that calculated for Deshaun being clutch as fuck. Also, I loved how the defense played. Can't blame them for giving up 500 yards of offense when they were  on the field for almost 40 minutes. They played pretty damn good considering that fact. I mean Clemson on offense either turned it over, or scored a touchdown in 5 frigging seconds. It's pretty comforting knowing that we can beat the #3 team in the country without playing our best. Even though Louisville sucks. Also, the crowd was INCREDIBLE. I feel like I say this every big game we have, but that's the loudest I've ever heard it. Phenomenal crowd on Saturday. 

6. Houston Cougars (vs. UConn, W 42-14): Greg Ward doing Greg Ward things. UConn blows though.

7. Stanford Cardinal (@ #10 Washington, L 44-6): What a disaster for Stanford. Tough one to bounce back from.

8. Wisconsin Badgers (@ #4 Michigan, L 14-7): How bout some offense Wisco? Jeesh.

9. Texas A&M Aggies (@ South Carolina, W 24-13): SCar blows, probably shoulda blown em out by more.

10. Washington Huskies (vs. #7 Stanford, W 44-6): Pretty impressive win for the Huskies. Didn't think they were that good.

11. Tennessee Volunteers (@ #25 Georgia, W 34-31): Absolutely insane finish in this one. I don't understand how Tennessee is winning these games.

12. Florida State Seminoles (vs. North Carolina, L 37-35): FSU STINKS. Meanwhile Mitch Trubisky is really good.

13. Baylor Bears (@ Iowa State, W 45-42): So pissed Iowa State didn't pull this off. Baylor sucks though.

14. Miami Hurricanes (@ Georgia Tech, W 35-21): Cool win I guess.

15. Nebraska Cornhuskers (vs. Illinois, W 31-16): Nebraska back?

16. Ole Miss Rebels (vs. Memphis, W 48-28): Swag.

17. Michigan State Spartans (@ Indiana, L 24-21 OT): Michigan State STINKS.

18. Utah Utes (@ California, L 28-23): Lotta teams going down this week. 

19. San Diego State (@ South Alabama, L 42-24): Why in the world was San Diego State ranked?

20. Arkansas (vs. Alcorn State, W 52-10): Nice warm up for Alabama.

21. TCU Horned Frogs (vs. Oklahoma, L 52-46): Screw Oklahoma. Still aren't good.

22. Texas Longhorns (@ Oklahoma State, L 49-31): Texas not back.

23. Florida Gators (@ Vanderbilt, W 13-6): Pretty cool victory for the Gators.

24. Boise State Broncos (vs. Utah State, W 21-10): Welcome back to the top 25 Boise State.

25. Georgia Bulldogs (vs. #11 Tennessee, L 34-31): Tough loss, but that pooch kick with 10 seconds left was the dumbest thing I've ever seen. Even if you kick it deep and out of bounds you're in a better position to not give up a hail mary than you were after that pooch kick and return. So stupid.

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