Monday, August 14, 2017

The New York Yankees Continue to Drive Me Absolutely Bonkers

Could this team be any more frustrating? Every other game I'm witnessing the worst loss of the season. The Yanks come into a 3 game series with Boston sitting 4.5 games behind them for first place in the AL East, and let a perfect opportunity to gain some ground slip away. After a fantastic comeback Friday night (that Chapman tried to blow in the 9th) to kick off the rivalry weekend the Yanks had a real chance to take at least 2 out of 3. Luis Severino got the ball Saturday and Gary Sanchez even gave him a 2-0 lead right away. That's quite the rarity and let's just say that Sevy -- who had been on an absolute roll lately -- did not take advantage of that lead. He cruised through the first two innings but in the 3rd he couldn't put away the two worst hitters in the Boston lineup after getting to two strike counts. Freaking Christian Vasquez and Jackie Bradley Jr just fouling off pitch after pitch and eventually working walks. You HAVE to finish off the 8-9 hitters when you have the chance. You can't just put them on base for the top of the order. So anyway, Eduardo Nunez comes up and hits a ball right at Todd Frazier. Dude just refused to field it. Hit his glove and then bobbled the dickens out of it trying to pick it up. Next batter, single. Two runs. Next batter. Three run home run. That was the game right there. The Sox added 5 more runs off of Severino and that concluded his worst start of the season. A real stinker.

Anyway, Sunday night, the Yankees actually managed to gain a 2-1 lead in a game that Chris Sale pitched. 2-1 into the 9th! But that wouldn't matter because Aroldis Chapman has a serious knack for giving up runs to the Red Sox this season. It's like his favorite hobby. Dude BLOWS. So yeah there went that game too. Gave up another run in the 10th and that was that. Just absolutely pathetic that the Yankees shit the bed this much in a huge series, after gaining a ton of momentum on Friday night.

This team stinks right now and has for basically half of the season. It's honestly shocking that they're still atop the wild card race. Good news is I'm here to give the Yankees some quick solutions that should immediately make this team better. Now obviously you could fire Girardi but I don't think that's the best solution in the middle of the season. That just screams desperation and for a team that's 6 games over .500 still, that's a tough look. So here are some other ideas.

1. Fire Larry Rothschild. This guy doesn't even come close to resembling a decent pitching coach. He never says anything useful when a pitcher is struggling.

2. Stop playing Austin Romine every other game. This guy shouldn't even be on a major league roster and Joe Girardi is starting him at catcher 3 times a week! Girardi loves this guy for no fucking reason. Sanchez had a tough couple weeks with passed balls but he is a superior defender as well as a supremely superior hitter. Austin Romine should be in AA Trenton. Instead he's starting some of the most important games of the season. It's bullshit and it needs to stop.

3. Stop resting a starter every game. A guy is in a slump? Let him hit out of it. You don't get out of slumps by not facing pitchers. Put your best 9 out there every game and they'll be fine.

4. If you need a spot start do not use Luis Cessa, Bryan Mitchell or Caleb Smith. Call up Chance Adams and let him show us something. Have the Yankees ever won a game started by one of those 3? Doubtful.

5. Remove Chapman from the defined closer role. Go with the hot hand. We've got like 76 closers in the bullpen. Why does Chapman have to pitch every time we have a 1-3 run lead in the 9th inning? The closer role is stupid.

Boom. Follow those steps and you're a world champion.

P.S. I was at the game last night and there were a few annoying Red Sox fans around me as you might expect. However, there was also a guy in an Orioles jersey in my section too. A few of the Red Sox fans and probably some Yankees fans too started chanting "Asshole" at the guy in the Orioles jersey. Which is fine I guess. I'd rather have Yankees fans chant "Asshole" at the Red Sox fans, but whatever. The guy is an asshole, he's wearing an Orioles jersey at a Yankees Red Sox game. Douche. BUT, then this one Red Sox fan started screaaaaaming "Go back to Baltimore!" Uh what bro, this isn't your stadium. You can't yell that. And you know what? EVERY single Yankees fan in that stadium would rather have that Orioles fan in the stadium than any Red Sox fan. Red Sox fans are the worst. Hey fucking loser, YOU go back to Boston. Nerd.

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