Monday, September 11, 2017

Packers Open Up 2017 with a Gritty Win Over Seattle

I just wrote about how Clemson and Auburn played an old school defensive battle on Saturday. Well up in Green Bay yesterday, the Packers and Seahawks played a similar contest and luckily the good guys came out on top in this one as well. 

I missed most of the first half because I was driving but the offense was pretty sluggish by all accounts early on. I mean Rodgers threw a pick six that got called back because of a holding on the return. Still a pick but the defense forced a 3 and out right away rather than Seattle scoring a defensive TD. Also on the play there was an absurd ejection for Seattle for "punching" even though it wasn't a punch, but I'll take it because Seattle is full of fucking punks that I hate so I don't care. Anyway, the offense didn't get anything going at all in the first half and the defense played pretty much perfect until Mike McCarthy screwed them over with about 45 seconds left in the quarter. With the ball inside their own 15 with something like 50 seconds left it looked like Seattle was just gonna run the ball out and not go for any points before the half. But Mike McCarthy had two timeouts to use so he called one after a run stuff on first down. Then another on second down so it was 3rd and short with 40 seconds or so left. Seattle got a first down and then called a timeout just for the fuck of it. Why not right? So they go ahead and run off two plays of 34 and 29 yards and actually had 2 shots at the end zone before kicking a field goal as the half expired. Unreal use of his timeouts by McCarthy and it cost them.

Green Bay's defense helped get the offense going by stripping Russell Wilson inside his own 10 yard line at the beginning of the second half. Ty Montgomery scooted into the end zone for the first points of the season for the Pack. Tough defense to run against for Montgomery but I love him as a running back. Rodgers seemed to get going in the second half, the defense was on fire going after Russell Wilson and kept them out of the end zone, and eventually Rodgers and Jordy burned the Seahawks with 12 men on the field for a sweet TD connection. Rodgers led another good drive that resulted in a field goal, and then was clutch protecting the 8 point lead on the final drive of the game. Aaron scrambled for a big first down and KJ Wright tried to go for his head when he dove. Martellus Bennett immediately shoved Wright to the ground. Absolutely bullied that fucker to the turf. Loved every second of it. Got a penalty but it was after the play so it really didn't affect the game that much. He made up for it too by catching and running for 25+ yards on a big play later in the drive. Game sealer. 

Great team effort week one. Offense got rolling in the second half, the defense looked much improved. Tough test at Atlanta on Sunday but loved the victory over those losers from Seattle. Any time we beat those insufferable douchebags led by the 9/11 truther Pete Carroll, it's a good win. Check out the highlights below. If they aren't great, not my fault. NFL doesn't let you embed their highlight videos.

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