Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sports Continue to Be the Worst Thing Ever, Packers Lose a Heartbreaker in OT

Can I ask a serious question? How the fuck can this happen to one fan in the span of 5 days? I literally feel like I've lost my soul twice in the last 5 days. And how can one fan have this much heartbreak all in one state? Like I'm pretty sure the Red Sox have caused me less depression in the last 16 years than the state of Arizona. Arizona is literally the place where my favorite teams go to die a miserable death. The Yankees, Packers and Clemson have now all died at the hands of Arizona and if it happens one more time it may actually kill me. I'm just waiting for the Penguins to lose the Stanley Cup Finals to the Coyotes in a game 7 in fucking Phoenix. God, I can't catch a break as a fan right now. Sports suck.

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