Sunday, January 31, 2016

Djokovic Continues to Own the Game of Tennis, Wins the Australian Open

Novak Djokovic might be my favorite athlete in all of sports. Probably a bit of an exaggeration, considering Aaron Rodgers and Deshaun Watson are athletes. But seriously, the Djoker is unreal and just continues to murder everyone in Tennis. I actually stayed up to watch some of this match and I'm glad I did because he had some absurd winners against Murray. Not many people would stay up til 3:30 AM to watch some of the Australian Open, but when every important match is played at that time, I had to at least stay up for some of the final match. Had to show a little commitment to the game of tennis and my boy Novak. Dude is an absolute boss, and I'd be surprised if he didn't win all four Grand Slams this year. This guy came out of fuckin nowhere about five years ago and just started wrecking people. I don't even know how he got this good in an era where Federer and Nadal were still pretty dominant. And now he's dominating one of the best eras tennis has ever had. Honestly, if you don't tune in to watch Novak Djokovic play tennis, you need your brain checked. One of the more entertaining athletes in the world. 

Friday, January 29, 2016

Fire Jam Friday

New music has kicked it back into high gear and we got some absolute fire new jams for ya today. Probably the easiest it's been to make a playlist in a while. 


Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The New 1D Music Video Will Give You the Feels and I Can't Stop Watching It

You could set the over/under for the amount of times I've watched this today at a billion and one would still be wise to take the over. I'm guessing this is their last music video before taking their break for a year (I'm praying it's only just a break and not a permanent break up of the band) and since the name of it is "History" it was the perfect video to have a montage of a bunch of highlights of the first five years of the band's existence. I'm not ashamed to say I teared up during this video. These guys are fucking awesome and who the hell knows what's gonna happen going forward. Quite possibly coulda been the last time we see all four of these guys in a music video together. Definitely gave me the feels, and I'm gonna continue to watch it all damn night. I also might just end up going down a 1D music video rabbit hole and watch a bunch of vids. All they've ever done is churn out absolute fire jams and I'm hoping that'll continue whenever this "break" is over.

P.S. I've said it before, but I can't say it enough. If you're a 1D hater, you're just lying to yourself. 

The Schedule for the 2017 College Football Playoff Champions Has Been Released

I'll definitely end up doing a team preview closer to the start of the season in the fall, but the schedule was released today and I just wanted to get it out there. No reason we can't go undefeated through the regular season again and get ourselves back to the ACC Championship and back to the CFB Playoff and back to the Natty. Just gotta win it this time. A little over 7 months until opening weekend. Who's trying to go to Auburn with me?


That last one is over 25 minutes long, but if you're a Clemson fan I urge you to watch it because it'll get you ready for our Tigers to make another run at the trophy next year. It'll probably make you cry. But it'll reassure the pride you have to be a Clemson Tiger, and it'll get you tasting the 2017 Natty. 

Friday, January 22, 2016

Fire Jam Friday

Snow day in Clemson so get fired up for a three day weekend with some FJF. That's all I got. Enjoy.


Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sports Continue to Be the Worst Thing Ever, Packers Lose a Heartbreaker in OT

Can I ask a serious question? How the fuck can this happen to one fan in the span of 5 days? I literally feel like I've lost my soul twice in the last 5 days. And how can one fan have this much heartbreak all in one state? Like I'm pretty sure the Red Sox have caused me less depression in the last 16 years than the state of Arizona. Arizona is literally the place where my favorite teams go to die a miserable death. The Yankees, Packers and Clemson have now all died at the hands of Arizona and if it happens one more time it may actually kill me. I'm just waiting for the Penguins to lose the Stanley Cup Finals to the Coyotes in a game 7 in fucking Phoenix. God, I can't catch a break as a fan right now. Sports suck.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

I Think It's Time for My Bad Luck in Arizona to Run Out

January 2010: Packers head to Arizona for the Wild Card Round and the game goes into OT tied at 45. Aaron Rodgers overthrows Greg Jennings on what would have been a game winning TD pass. A couple plays later Rodgers gets sacked, gets his facemask grabbed (no call), fumbles the ball into Arizona's hands, they run it in for a game winning defensive TD. Cardinals win 51-45.

December 2015: Packers head to Arizona looking to gain a game on the Cardinals in the NFC. Green Bay promptly gets destroyed 38-8, the only good thing that came from the game was that the 8 sacks surrendered didn't murder Aaron Rodgers.

January 2016: Clemson faces off against Alabama in the National Championship in Arizona. Special teams woes and defensive miscues lead to Clemson losing 45-40 after leading 24-21 entering the 4th quarter. 

So now here we are 5 days after I got my heart ripped out of my chest when Clemson lost the Natty, with the Packers heading to Arizona to take on the Cardinals in the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs. Here's to hoping that I, as a fan, cannot seriously have this much bad luck in one stadium. Time to end the heartbreak in the desert and get the Packers back in the NFC Championship game. Go Pack Go.

P.S. I forgot about the Yankees blowing the 2001 World Series in Arizona. I was mainly focusing on the football stadium, but basically my teams just suck in Arizona. Time to change that today.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Fire Jam Friday

Alright folks, it's been a bit of a sad week since that Clemson loss, but we have the NFL playoffs continuing this weekend so it's time to bounce back. A somewhat mellow FJF this week which is largely in part due to some 90s contemporary female stuff that I was feeling today when I threw this together. Oh well, it's still all fire so enjoy.


Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Clemson Loses a Heartbreaker in the National Championship

I don't have the emotional capacity to talk much about this game. It was a great game that we came out on the wrong end of. It was an awesome season for the Tigers that was just short of being historical. In the end, special teams and injuries pretty much killed us. I said all year our special teams was horrible and it finally came back to bite us. And with Mackensie Alexander getting injured in the first half, it opened up a lot of holes for that stupid tight end, and everyone looked confused. I didn't include highlights because I didn't wanna cry (again) but I'm sure if you're reading this, you watched the game and know the plays that screwed Clemson. 

Now I know everyone is depressed, but here's a little something that might cheer you up. 

Guaranteed returners:
Deshaun Watson, best player in college football
Artavis Scott, WR
Mike Williams, WR
Jordan Leggett, TE
Hunter Renfrow, WR
Ray Ray McCloud, WR
Deon Cain, WR (I think he'll return after being suspended for the bowl games)
Christian Wilkins, DT
Scott Pagano, DT
Mitch Hyatt, OL
Ben Boulware, LB -- quick sidenote, this was awesome: 
Underclassmen that could return:
Mackensie Alexander, CB
Wayne Gallman, RB
Jayron Kearse, S
Cordrea Tankersly, CB
Kevin Dodd, DE
TJ Green, S
Carlos Watkins, DT

And we currently have a top 10 recruiting class, with signing day still to come. The future is bright for the Clemson Tigers. We'll be back next year, you best believe it. All In forever.

P.S. I hope Nick Saban gets hit by a bus and dragged into the woods by a coyote, never to be found. Guy has never taken a single chance in his coaching career, never made one risky decision. And he fucking calls an onside kick in the national championship game. Fuck you dude.

P.P.S. Alabama reminds me a lot of the recent Seattle Seahawks. No matter how much their team actually sucks, they always pull something outta their ass/rely on luck to win games. It just doesn't make any sense.

Monday, January 11, 2016

It's the Morning of the Natty! Here's a Few Hype Videos to Wake You Up

The first one always gives me chills and a half chub, the second one made my dick rock hard, and the third one made me cry and made my dick explode. 


And then there's these dudes just spitting hot fire all over the place. 

Friday, January 8, 2016

Fire Jam Friday

IT'S NATTY WEEKEND LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. I'm only drinking Natty Lights all weekend and I got my Monday classes cancelled. So I can be on top of my game all weekend in preparation for the Natty on Monday night. This playlist should get everyone fired up, and if it doesn't, well screw you. Enjoy. 

#FireJamFriday #ALLIN

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Rats Gnaw a Mexican Newborn to Death

SourceRats gnawed a Mexican newborn to death after her teen mom left the child home alone to go dancing, according to a report.
Lizbeth Jeronima Fuentes Munguia, 18, went out to kick up her heels at a dance-party in the town of Otumba, leaving her 4-month-old daughter at home in Acolman, near Mexico City on Monday night, reported.
When the mom arrived home early Tuesday, she found her daughter’s face, fingers and torso had been chewed by the ruthless rodents and alerted neighbors, according to the Attorney General of the State of Mexico.
The tot was pronounced dead by paramedics on the scene.
Munguia’s neighbor, Avenida Labour, later told authorities that the single mom left her baby alone for hours to attend the rager.
The mom told cops that the baby’s grandmother had been left in charge of the baby, the site reported.
The mother has yet to be charged for a crime. 

Couple things here. I wish there was video. Because as ruthless as it sounds, rats gnawing a baby to death seems absolutely electric. Plus it's in Mexico, and clearly the mother was unfit to take care of this child, so she probably would have died sooner rather than later anyway. Point being, I don't really care about this baby, AND if you're gonna go out, why not go out getting chewed up by some rats and create a story I don't think anyone has ever heard before. 
Now let's get to this mom here. Are we supposed to be surprised that an 18 year old Mexican mother left her four month old baby home alone in a rat infested home? Cause I sure as fuck am not. This girl was gonna get her salsa rage on no matter what. Good for her. Babies don't need attention anyway. At four months old all they do is crawl and eat applesauce and shit and puke and cry. And they can handle all that stuff on their own. Honestly, what would this mother have done if she were home? Take a frying pan to the rats and heroically save her baby? Fuck no. Because A) I don't think she owns a frying pan and B) she woulda run off screaming because fuck rats. No one messes with rats. 
I think the situation we ended up with here is a win-win-win. The baby doesn't have to live with a shitty mother anymore, and her life in Mexico probably would have sucked because it's not America. The rats got some food. And the mother got to salsa her ass off and no charges have been pressed because the Mexican police don't give a shit about babies getting eaten by rats. They got drug cartels to work for so they don't get their families killed.  

Friday, January 1, 2016


What a game. Just a great effort by the defense stuffing basically every run attempt from Oklahoma. And a great job by the offensive line giving Deshaun and the Wayne Train room to run all game. That second half was one of the more complete halves I've seen Clemson play all year, and they continue to close out games and play their best when it's needed most. Can't wait to take on those losers from Alabama for the Natty Ship.


Fire Jam Friday

I wish it were still fall so there could be a ton of new music that would make my job a lot easier, but it isn't and I have to work some magic to make these playlists awesome still. Clemson is going to the national championship so I ended the FJF with a little throwback from DJ Khaled and the gang. It has something to do with winning. Enjoy.