Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Was Dan Scott the Greatest TV Character of All Time?

I just finished up One Tree Hill last night, and while I know the show ended in 2012, this was the first time I'd ever seen the show. By season 2, Dan Scott had emerged as my favorite character. Not because he was a likable guy but because he was the most over the top dickhead villain I'd ever seen. Everything he said made me crack up because it was more of an asshole comment than the previous. While his comments might make everyone else hate the guy, they made me love him. He then, of course, goes and (SPOILER) murders his brother Keith for no real reason which made me hate him for about an episode. And then he spit on his grave and the over the top dickhead villain was BACK. Not only was he out here murdering some of my other favorite characters in cold blood, but he was spitting on their graves like an absolute savage. I loved it. Missed Keith, but holy fuck did I love Dan Scott pimping all over his grave, becoming mayor, and just not giving a fuck for a while.

And then, in the greatest 180 since Tony Hawk retired, Dan Scott became a good guy. Admitted his murder, went to prison, flipped burgers for a while, saved Quinn from murdering a chick, saved Jamie's dumb ass a billion times, saved Nathan from the crazy blackmailing chick, and finally saved Nathan from his kidnappers. Sure, he stared Keith in the eyes and shot him right in the heart, but he saved so many lives after that I think he made up for it. Dude's a boss and gave some of the best asshole one liners in television history.

Unfortunately I couldn't find great highlight packages or quote lists for Danny Boy, so I'll just leave you with this gif of him saving the god damn day at the end of the series.

In short, yes it's very possible he is.

P.S. One Tree Hill is a very good show. I recommend it to anyone who hasn't watched it yet.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

I'm Certain You're Insane if You Don't Think Matt Niskanen's Hit on Crosby was Premeditated Attempted Murder

Capitals down 2-0 in the series, Ovechkin looking right down the barrel of another embarrassing postseason, Penguins making the Caps look like a team of Michelle Kwans out there on the ice. Perfect time to pull off a calculated, premeditated execution of the best player in the world, Sidney Crosby. It only really makes the Capitals look more embarrassing. Can't beat em so you assassinate them. Great tactic. I don't wanna hear anything about this being accidental. The Capitals STINK in the playoffs every year and here they are again sucking it up against the Pens in 2017. Ovechkin and co. hold a team meeting and within 5 and a half minutes in game 3, Sidney Crosby is dead on the ice with a head injury, leg injury or maybe both.

PERFECT execution by the scumbag duo Ovechkin and Niskanen too. At least something they practiced went according to plan. Ovechkin smacks Crosby in the head with his stick, then trips him, sending him directly into Sid's former teammate and fuckhead Matt Niskanen for the brutal cross check to the face and the finishing touches on the murder.

People love to call Crosby soft but I don't think anyone comes back in the game after that. I'm hoping for a speedy recovery but with Crosby's history of head injuries, and with the way his leg folded underneath his body, I wouldn't be too sure of that. He was able to skate off with some help so hopefully his leg isn't too bad. I'm definitely worried about a possible concussion though, as I'm sure all Pens fans are. I'd love for him to come back this series and just bury the Capitals franchise once and for all but that might be up to the rest of his star studded teammates. That's the one positive, is that this team knows as well as any what it takes to win with an injured roster. We might be about to witness what Evgeni Malkin can do when a couple of assholes take out his best friend. I mean, we kinda already did last night when he and his teammates forced OT after being down 2-0 with a couple of minutes left. If only the momentum could have lasted a little longer in OT. Wednesday is huge though, going back to DC with a 3-1 lead is a helluva lot better than going back with a 2-2 series tie. I guarantee Mike Sullivan will have the boys ready to go so I'm pumped. Just gotta hope for the best on Sid. Fuck Matt Niskanen, fuck Alex Ovechkin, fuck Barry Trotz, fuck the entire Capitals organization, fuck the city of Washington D.C.