Friday, May 30, 2014

Did You Know Hartford Is The 12th Most Fit City In The US?

If you're gonna tell me you knew this, you're a liar. I never would have ever guessed that Hartford is one of the most fit cities in the United States. This has got to be one of the first good things that has come out about Hartford in a long time. Feel like you usually just hear bad things. Well boom, here ya go. Stick this in your pipe and smoke it. Hartford is yoked bro.So i guess if you want to be ripped just go to Hartford, simple as that. I love to hear it about HFDCT. I always just assumed it was crack heads and Trinity College students in Hartford. Guess not. 

No More Fast Food in Penn Station

Source-  Penn Station is sweeping out its fast-food joints. KFC, Pizza Hut and eight other eateries operated by the Riese Organization on the lower, Long Island Rail Road level of the commuter hub will be toast in a couple of months. Landlord Vornado has decided it's time for a change along the busy West 33rd Street passageway, which connects Seventh and Eighth avenues. Riese has held the leases for 42 years.

So Penn Station is officially the worst place on earth now, right? It's been right on the cusp of the top 5 worst places ever for a while now but now that there's no fast food it took a quick leap to number 1. One of the best parts of Penn St was all of the fast food options. When you were drunk taking the LIRR home at 1am there were insane options. Literally anything you could think of could be yours, and it was. Praise jesus I don't live on Long Island anymore.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

$20 For Your Dream Hockey Line Up

LW- Bobby Hull- $4
Hull was an absolute beast on the ice. 1,170pts in 1,063 games? yes please. Plus he played in Hartford so that bumps him up a few notches in my book. The guy had absolute wheels and was untouchable. One of the greatest goal scorers the NHL has seen. 

Center- Wayne Gretzky- $5
This is an absolute no brainer. The best to ever play the game. (Side note: this photo was taken during Gretzky's last game in Hartford.)

Right Wing- Jaromir Jagr- $3
If we're being honest with each other, part of the reason I picked Jags is cause of his mullet, god damn it's a thing of beauty. Also, the guy is ancient and still doing well in the show. Who knows if he'll ever retire.

Defenseman- Bobby Orr- $5
If you don't take Bobby Orr on your team you're probably an idiot. The guy did things no one else could do and no one else has done. I would have loved to see him play.

Defenseman- Zdeno Chara- $1
I would LOVE to see big Z play with Bobby on the blue line. Would be so awesome. Z's incredible defensive skills combined with Bobby's offensive prowess would be incredible. There are probably much better defensemen that are available for me to pick, but the Bruins fan in me forced me into it.

Goalie- Dominik Hasek- $2
Hasek for $2 is a steal. He played an incredible style of hockey and will always be one of my favorite tendys. 

This was an interesting list of players to pick from. Where were Sakic, Forsberg, Rocket Richard? If you took Ovechkin or Crosby you're a moron. As the Capitals have clearly demonstrated that building a team around Ovi doesn't work. Maybe if he contributed in the defensive zone it'd be another story. For Crosby, just look at the other options you've got. You can't take Sid the Kid over Wayne, Mario, Toews OR Messier.

Leave your line up in the comments

Saturday, May 24, 2014

My Top 10

MaximYou voted, we counted, and the rest is supersexy history. From mind-bogglingly seductive supermodels to Hollywood’s most awe-inspiring actresses (with a bevy of beauties in between), the women of 2014 make up a roster so undeniably breathtaking you may get light-headed just reading it. 
Pick up the June issue of Maxim on newsstands to see even more pics of these gorgeous list-makers.

So Maxim came out with their list of the top 100 sexiest women alive. Supermodel Candice Swanepoel topped the list followed by actress Scarlett Johansson, singer Katy Perry, supermodel Irina Shayk, and actress Jennifer Lawrence. Zooey Deschanel, Alessandra Ambrosio, Jessica Alba, Mila Kunis, and Cara Delevingne round out the top 10. Some of those I agree with, but I decided I'd come up with my own top 10. My list might end up being a combination of people that I may just be in love with as well as just straight smokeshows. 

10. Taylor Swift 

Sorry, I just had to. I think everyone that knows me knows that I love Taylor Swift. I don't even think she was on Maxim's list, but I had to. She's so perfect, I should probably just move her up to number 1, but there are some other hotties on the list. I just don't get how you can't be in love with T-Swift. She defines sexy in my mind even if she is the whitest dancer on the planet and loves to wave her hair around. It's what makes her Tay.

9. Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr is so sexy, it's unreal. She's my second favorite Victoria's Secret model (favorite coming up) and I love following her on Instagram (@mirandakerr). She's got an incredible smile (just look at it) to go along with that amazing body. Number 23 I think is definitely too low for her on Maxim's list. She easily makes my top 10 here at number 9. Definitely a smoke.

8. Alessandra Ambrosio

And here's my favorite Victoria's Secret supermodel. I actually have her one lower than Maxim, but whatever. She's hot as fuck and I've always thought she's been underrated among society. No one ever talks about her and yet clearly she's one of the sexiest women alive. People that analyze these things have probably always recognized her, but I've never heard anyone talk about her. She's definitely one of my faves.

7. Selena Gomez

Just something about this chick does something for me. Sucks that she was banging Bieber for so long, but she's still unbelievably hot. Seems like she's got a bit of a slutty side, but it seems like there's still a little bit of innocence there too. 

6. Scarlett Johannson

Scarlett is one of those actresses that you just peruse through IMDb looking to see if she's been in any good movies that you can watch just to lust after her. I honestly can probably name maybe 2 or 3 movies that ScarJo is in, but I've considered lowering my bar just to watch her in some shitty movie. I don't know if they're shitty movies, the summaries just usually sound shitty. Doesn't make her any less hot.

5. Mila Kunis


Everyone loves Mila. It took me a while for me to get on the level of considering her in my top 10, but she's definitely there now. She is so sexy, just look at this picture. She's amazing. Besides her body and her overall good looks, she's a pretty good actress and has a cute and sexy smile. How do you not love her?

4. Jennifer Lawrence

Well I guess Jennifer Lawrence is everyone's go-to chick these days. She's got the whole world goin crazy and I'm kinda in on it too. Her hotness alone doesn't get her to my number 4 spot, but she's absolutely hilarious and I think that's sexy as fuck. Silver Linings Playbook was my shit and the Hunger Games and Catching Fire are both badass movies too. I'm in love with J-Law.

3. Brooklyn Decker

Why go crazy over Kate Upton when Brooklyn Decker is still alive? I think she's way hotter with just as big you-know-whats. I've loved Brooklyn ever since the first time I saw her in the fir SI Swimsuit edition I received in like 2008. She got the cover in 2010, appeared in one more, and then kinda vanished from the modeling scene almost. I mean, I guess she and Andy Roddick are set for life, but it sucks for us other guys who want to look at her half naked in magazines.

2. Rihanna

Gotta have a black girl, right? I put Rihanna this high up though for much bigger reasons than just needing some diversity on the list. I'm in love with her. Just like a lot of these chicks. But I really love Rihanna. Have you ever had a conversation with someone (a white someone, that is) who insists that they wouldn't fuck a black chick because it's just not their thing? They say they aren't racist, they just only are attracted to white women. And then someone will say "not even Beyonce?" automatically. Well I think the automatic black chick mentioned in that conversation should change from Beyonce to Rihanna. Beyonce isn't even close to being on my top 10 because she sucks, and Rih is a god damn goddess. She is one sexy chick and there is absolutely no doubt about it. It's the fact that I'm in love with her that she's so high on my list.

1. Katy Perry

God, just look at her in her sexy little jungle number she's got on here. I guess that's not even the sexiest picture you can find of Katy Perry, but I love it. And I love her. I'm so in love with Katy Perry, it's not even funny. I mean I just rambled on a shit ton about Rihanna and she's not even number 1, so that must mean Katy Perry is something special. And she is. I think I've thought Katy Perry was the sexiest woman alive since "I Kissed A Girl" and it was further encouraged by the "Teenage Dream" days. Now this sexy thing she's got on for "Roar" turns me on. Everything she does is perfect, she can't be any hotter, and her breasts couldn't be any more perfect. I feel like I have to say "breasts" instead of "tits" or something just out of respect for how amazing Katy Perry is.

Okay. My ranting is over. These are some attractive women whichever way you look at it. My love for some may have gotten in the way a little bit, but I don't give a fuck.

P.S. Katy Perry and Rihanna also have some like awesome lesbo friendship thing going on too, which makes both of them that much hotter.

Friday, May 16, 2014

NBA draft: UConn Edition

Being a UConn student, this is a completely honest and non biast look at the potential NBA futures of UConn upperclassmen.
             Shabazz Napier: 

There is almost nothing negative I can say about Napier. I watched him all 4 years at Uconn, including this past year watching every home game at gampel pavilion. The kid has a born talent and there is no denying that fact. He can shoot the three, distrubute the ball, and he is extremely crafty around the rim for him size. It truly makes me sick looking at NBA draft boards where "analysts" have him going late in the second round. Not only does Napier have the true talent, but he has the experience. With two rings under his belt, there no denying what he can accomplish. He proved that he could lead a team, and for UConn this season to beat 3 teams that were supposed to win the tournament in 2012, it's ignorant to believe Napier couldn't do the same in the NBA. Obviously he's not perfect. Napier needs to improve his decision making, he turned the ball over a tad too much this year. Getting stronger and limiting the turnovers will turn him into a beast. I honesty feel that Napier will have a highly successful career in the league, a role similar to Mario Chalmers of the Miami Heat. Look, the NBA is a point guard friendly league and I base my prediction on the fact that Napier is absolutely CLUTCH. I am honored to have talked to him once, and I hope nothing but the best for Shabazz. He is an amazing athlete and a totally chill character. HUNGY HUSKIES.

Predicted Draft Position: 1st round, 17th pick overall to the Boston Celtics.  

           Deandre Daniels:

The "X-factor"! Deandre Daniels' draft stock took a huge jump up during UConn's terrific run to the championship this year. Deandre showed up big time and his complete talents were on full display. The entire year I wondered wether or not he would even consider entering the draft, but he has officially declared for the draft. Daniels' game has tremendous upside. He has NBA size at 6-9 and his game fits perfectly for the league. He can play inside with the big boys (pending gaining more muscle), he can shoot the perimeter shot, and he can slash his way to the rim tremendously. The only flaw with Deandre is his tendency to shy away from the ball. The entire season Deandre only seemed to show up and play hard for the big and important games. It felt like he wanted to float outside and simply shoot the three; which is tough to watch because he has such a more versatile game. He proved his talents during the tournament and if he can play 100% every game, there is no telling how terrific he will be in the NBA. Deandre, you're welcome for the answers to the inclass quiz questions. (I sat next to him in Geoscience class) I can't wait to see where Deandre Daniels ends up in the draft because if he goes past the second round, someone will be getting an absolute steal.

Predicted Draft Position: 1st round, 25th pick overall to the Houston Rockets

                Niels Giffey:

It was great watching Niels play at UConn. He always gave it his all and he consistent provided a spark to the team when they needed it. Niels is a SHARPSHOOTER, a three point specialist. Don't underestimate his other skills because he is fairly crafty and can drive to the hoop as well. It's just disappointing to realize that the NBA is probably not going to become a reality for him. The German native may never play in the NBA but it's never out of the question. He can tryout for a team and hopefully get an invite to training camp.
You never know! I wish the best to Niels and it wouldn't surprise me to see him playing oversees and maybe even for the German national team. 

                 Ryan Boatright:

I'll just go ahead and say this right away. I've never been a big fan of boatright. He's a ballhog. Coutless times I have seen him take ridiculous shots when guys on the team were wide open. Don't get me wrong he's a terrific player, but i just don't like the way he plays the game. Boatright is lighting quick, and that could translate well for a fast paced offense in the NBA. He is an amazing ball handler with an above average jumpshot. Ryan just announced that he will be returning to UConn for his senior year. (I wish he declared for the draft honestly) Many times this year him and Napier have gotten into arguments, and they clearly didn't have the best chemistry. It seems to me that Boatright tries to run a team by his own means; selfishness. Maybe I'm just being a total douche, but until he turns his attitude around I don't see Boatright having any significant impact on an NBA team (if any). So, let's see if he can turn into a leader next year and change my attitude towards him.

Lasan Kromah will likely not continue playing basketball, but he did provide a great amount of help off the bench. Thanks Lasan for a good year. Tyler Olander isn't even worth talking about. 

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People Complaining About Lucic Are Huge Babies

I haven't been able to touch on this yet because I'm still pretty torn up by the whole loss. Total month ruiner. Anyways, there's been a big fuss about Lucic telling Weise he'll fucking kill him next year. Hey everyone, quit being such squares. I think Weise being a rat is the most absurd part. Who in the world goes and tells the media what someone said on the ice?? Grow up bro. The things that are said on the ice, don't leave the ice. Plain and simple. Weise just wanted to cause a media storm. He tells the media that Lucic was bullying him on the ice but then won't repeat what he said. Pathetic. I'm speaking unbiased on this, I 100% believe that Lucic was in the right calling Weise a baby for bringing this off the ice. Can't wait for the first Bruins vs. Habs game next year. I expect Looch to knock Weise off this planet.

Chocolate Milk Being Banned in CT?????

wfsb- HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) - The governor said he does not support a bill that would ban chocolate milk being served in Connecticut, according to a statement released on Friday. State legislators recently approved a bill that would ban chocolate milk and some juices from public schools.

This is absolutely INSANE!!!!!!! I never liked school when I was a young pup, would have rather been doing some sick shit outside. If we're being honest here, the only thing that got me through school was being able to chug chocolate milk all day. If they took it away while I was still in elementary school I'd probably drop out and live the gypsy life, shot gunning Yoo-Hoo's on the open road with my band of bearded brothers. I might actually do that now, it sounds preeeeeeetty sick.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Johnny Football No More

The 2014 NFL Draft landed plenty of high grade college talents to NFL teams. The most talked about athlete was Johnny Manziel, and respectively so. Manziel dominated at Texas A&M and everyone seems to be jumping onto the bandwagon. Let me first say that there's a reason that he was picked 22nd overall and not top 5. Look at how Quarterbacks similar to Johnny Manziel have fared in the NFL. Vince Young for one has had a complete career downfall, despite being the "next big thing". Don't get me wrong, Johnny has one of the best personalities in sports. The dude just bought over 100 people a free beer and a shot of fireball following his bid from the Browns. I just have to be realistic and admit that Manziel will never be a feared Quarterback in the NFL. In a league where tall, strong, and content pocket passers thrive, Johnny does not fit that description at all. I hope i'm wrong here, but a QB of his style just doesn't translate well into the league. Besides, he's already been told hes the backup. Enjoy many more keg stands Johnny, it will be a long road to success.

Grading the Packers' Draft

First Round
Pick: Ha Ha Clinton-Dix/Alabama/S
Grade: A

Anyone that has listened to any bit of analysis about Green Bay knows that they desperately needed a safety. They were the only team in the NFL last year who did not get an interception from a safety. The Pack did not even try to bring back safety M.D. Jennings during free agency, so they needed someone to play alongside Morgan Burnett. For Ha Ha to still be there at pick 21 was a surprise, and it made the selection that much easier for Green Bay. I expect Burnett's production to increase while playing with a better player next to him this year. Clinton-Dix is an instinctive safety, a great tackler (something Green Bay really needs in the back four), covers a lot of ground, and can help in run defense as well.

Second Round
Pick: Davante Adams/Fresno State/WR
Grade: A-

The Packers lost their #3 wide-out James Jones in free agency to the Raiders. Jarrett Boykin could step up and be the replacement, but it's no sure thing. And clearly Ted Thompson isn't convinced either; he drafted three wide receivers this year. The first of them was Fresno St. receiver Davante Adams. He doesn't have blazing speed (4.56 40) but from what I hear he catches everything. He had 131 catches for 1,718 yards and 24 touchdowns last season. He's about 6'1" 212 pounds and is a physical receiver. He benefited from a high powered offense led by Derek Carr, and it's only gonna get better for Adams now that Aaron Rodgers is his QB.

Third Round
Picks: Khyri Thornton/Southern Miss/DT          Richard Rodgers/California/TE
Grade: B-

B.J. Raji struggled in 2013 and Johnny Jolly had injury issues. Thornton is a versatile guy and has pretty good speed for a 6'3" 305 pound defensive tackle. He moves well on the field, but has trouble breaking through blocks sometimes, and wears down towards the end of games. He should work well moving in and out with Raji and Jolly. He doesn't have very much sack production, but he should be a good run stopper for the Pack. He was a reach in the third round, but I've learned to trust Ted Thompson's drafting.

It appears that Green Bay is not going to re-sign TE Jermichael Finley due to his neck injury. Finley insists he's fine but he didn't pass a physical when visiting Seattle during free agency. Finley is an absolute freak of an athlete if you ask me, and is tough to replace. However, Andrew Quarless played well last year in Finley's absence. The other back-up tight ends are questionable though, hence the Pack drafting Richard Rodgers. Rodgers is 6'4" and narrowed himself down to 257 pounds to become more agile. He has good hands and is a good blocker, but needs to work on his route running and isn't very fast. Another reach for the third round, but Green Bay seems to like him.

Fourth Round
Pick: Carl Bradford/Arizona State/OLB
Grade: B+

Bradford is a speedy guy who can get to the quarterback, but he can also drop back into coverage. He's an explosive tackler who beelines to the ball all over the field. He recorded 61 tackles, 19 tackles for loss, 8.5 sacks, 4 batted passes, 3 forced fumbles, and 1 interception last year for ASU. I like him because scouts believe he can fit as an inside linebacker in a 3-4 defense as well as an outside linebacker. Many analysts thought Green Bay should have drafted an inside linebacker, but they might have gotten one anyway in Bradford. I can see Dom Capers moving Bradford around a lot, trying to confuse offenses. I definitely think he will be an asset for Green Bay's defense this year.

Fifth Round
Picks: Corey Linsley/Ohio State/C          Jared Abbrederis/Wisconsin/WR
Grade: B-

Linsley has a strong base, but was one of the lightest offensive linemen at the combine. He's a tough guy that will play hurt and has excellent strength. He has good leadership qualities and moves well in the run game. However, he lacks the ability to recover when he gets beat and is slow to cut off linebackers. He will compete for the starting center job, but will most likely not be the opening week starter.

Abbrederis is a home state favorite and I love that Green Bay drafted him. He's a blue collar guy who works incredibly hard (he was a former walk-on) and transformed himself into the Badgers' #1 receiver. He totaled 78 catches for 1,081 yards and 7 touchdowns as well as 2 rushing touchdowns. He works in special teams as well as a punt and kick returner. He uses his hands well to separate himself from defenders and is incredibly intelligent on the field. Abbrederis could use a little more size and muscle (195 pounds) but he could work nicely for Aaron Rodgers as a slot receiver.

Sixth Round
Pick: Demetri Goodson/Baylor/CB
Grade: C+

Goodson has excellent size and good hand-eye coordination. He has good jumping ability (37 inch vertical) and can break on throws. However, he has short arms and small hands, and is injury prone. Durability will be a big concern for Green Bay as Goodson competes to play behind Sam Shields and Tramon Williams. Goodson had 3 picks and 13 break-ups last season but only had 26 tackles. Tackling has been a problem for Green Bay's secondary in recent years, so he'll need to work on that in order for him to see serious playing time this year.

Seventh Round
Pick: Jeff Janis/Saginaw Valley State/WR
Grade: B

Janis played D II and tore up the lesser competition. He totaled 83 catches for 1,572 yards and 14 touchdowns in 2013. He has great leaping ability (37.5 inch vertical) and accelerates well into his routes. He can separate from defenders vertically and could be a great red zone threat for Green Bay. He has small, inconsistent hands and isn't the greatest route runner. He's not great after the catch, but I think the Packers will mostly use him down on the goal line in his rookie year. They will try to take advantage of his 6'3" frame and his great vertical ability.

Overall Grade: B+

I think Green Bay greatly improved their defense, especially with Ha Ha Clinton-Dix and Carl Bradford. Khyri Thompson and Demetri Goodson have some improvements to make. Linsley will compete for the center job and the four offensive weapons should all contribute to a better offense. Rodgers and Janis will improve the less than stellar red zone play from last year, and Adams and Abbrederis should prove to be good pass catchers in a five wide receiver set. Adams has the best chance to become the #3 receiver behind Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb. Ted Thompson was hinting before the draft that he wanted to get back to drafting quarterbacks regularly to groom behind Aaron Rodgers, but I guess he's content after re-signing Matt Flynn. There are three QBs on the roster in Rodgers, Flynn and Scott Tolzien who started a couple games in Rodgers absence last season. As long as Rodgers stays healthy this season, Green Bay will be fine in that area. Overall, a great draft again from Ted Thompson and the Packers.

Sources: Draft Profiles and my astute football knowledge

Grading the Patriots 2014 Draft

1st Round:  DT Dominique Easley/ University of Florida
I think Easley can be a great player if he stays healthy. That's going to be the biggest problem. He's already had two knee surgeries. If he stays healthy he's gonna be a beast, if not, BUUUUUUUUUST. He's known as a quick and explosive guy, let's hope that the knee surgery doesn't effect that.

2nd Round: QB /Jimmy Garoppolo/ Eastern Illinois University
Everyone knew this was coming someday, the Patriots were going to draft a QB to start training to replace Tom. I couldn't be more upset about this pick. Listen, I always trust what Belichick does, but with this one I'm just not sold. He had an array of great SEC QB's such as A.J. McCarron, Aaron Murray, Zach Mettenberger, hell they even could have taken Derek Carr. But for some reason Bill chose Garoppolo out of Eastern Illinois. I just don't get it and never will. I hope that Garoppolo works out, i really do.

4th Round: C/ Bryan Stork/ Florida State University
This was a decent pick for the Pats. Stork is limited physically due to his short frame but he's smart and tough and could give the Pats some versatility. 

4th Round: RB/ James C. White/ Wisconsin
White doesn't have the explosiveness or athleticism to play every down in the NFL but he has good vision and pretty good toughness. He'll be a reliable back though and that's always good.

4th Round: Cameron Fleming/ OT/ Stanford
Fleming's size, strength and functional power make him an ideal candidate to move inside and succeed as an NFL guard. 

6th Round: OG/ Jon Halapio/ University of Florida
Halapio has limited range but has great hands on contact. He doesn't have the best fluidity and struggles to have impact downfield or in space

6th Round: DE/ Zach Moore/ Concordia- St. Paul
Moore is a hard working, blue collar linemen. He brings versatility to the line up. He's not super explosive but he has good strength.

6th Round: CB/ Jemea Thomas/ Georgia Tech
Thomas is a good competitor he has experience at safety, corner and nickel, and he plays much bigger than his size. There will be durability concerns when considering his style, but a good value here for the Pats who have a few options where they can put him.

7th Round: WR/ Jeremy Gallon/ Michigan
Gallon is a good short area slot receiver. He has a knack for finding space underneath. 

Drug Dealer Arrested Cause He Posted Selfies

wpbf-A Port St. Lucie man was bragging on his Facebook page about his life as a drug dealer and how easy it was for him to sell drugs in front of Martin County Sheriff's deputies, according to MCSO.  Deputies said Taylor Harrison, 21, took a selfie of himself with stacks of drug cash and drugs, and a photo of an MCSO patrol car that pulled along side of him.  Deputies captured a photo with an undercover camera while Taylor tried to sell drugs to an undercover deputy.

Well this takes the cake for dumb drug dealers. Since when do dealers even use phones that have cameras? I thought dealers and old people were the only ones keeping the burner phone businesses in company. Anyone that posts pictures of drugs on social media probably isn't the sharpest tool in the shed, ya know since everyone in the world can access those pictures. But a drug dealer posting pictures of himself and his drugs on the internet just takes the cake. The irony that he was bragging about how easy it is to sell drugs in front of police offers and then getting arrested for trying to sell to an undercover is just tooooo good. Godda love the Florida scrubs. Learn how to deal, bro.

Yale Basketball Player Quits To Join Whiffenpoofs

espn- NEW HAVEN, Conn. -- Yale junior Brandon Sherrod has chosen harmonies over the hardwood, at least for a year. The 6-foot-6 forward is one of the 14 students selected to make up the next version of the Whiffenpoofs, the school's famous male a cappella singing group. The group, formed in 1909, is comprised of rising seniors who take a year off school to travel the world and perform. Their alumni include composer Cole Porter, former Senator Prescott Bush and many other Yale luminaries.

I'm not sure what the big deal here is? It's not like Yale is some powerhouse basketball team. The last time they were in the tournament was in 1963. It's also not like it's a hockey player quitting to sing. This dude isn't leaving much behind. If you know anything about Yale you know that the Whiffenpoofs have insane pull. Everyone ever loves those dudes. They've godda be up there next to Skull & Bones. So I don't get why people care he's quitting some dumpster fire basketball team to slay it singing.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Prep School Boys Helping Out Their NHL Teams

1. Nick Bonino/ Anaheim Ducks
Nick Bonino is from Hartford, CT and went to Farmington High School as well as Avon Old Farms. His junior year he lead AOF to the championship.

2. Kevan Miller/ Boston Bruins
At the beginning of the season Bruins fans weren't sure just how much they would see of Miller since the B's had a veteran core of D-men. After the D-men suffered some injuries the B's needed some of the young guys to step up and Miller certainly did. He had quite the rookie campaign. Miller graduated from Berkshire in 2007.

3. Jonathan Quick/ Los Angeles Kings
Quick is from Milford, CT and went to Hamden High School then transferred to Avon Old Farms. Quick has made himself a household name with his incredible play. He is the backbone of the LAK and he could bring them late into the post season again this year. Quick graduated from AOF in 2005.

4. Ben Smith/ Chicago Blackhawks
With all the incredible talent on the Blackhawks, Smith has flown under the radar. That does not mean that Smith isn't a great player though. I have watched a few play off Blackhawks games and he has done great in all of them. I think in the coming years, Smith will really have an opportunity to shine. Smith graduated from Westminster in 2006. 

5. Brian Gibbons/ Pittsburgh Penguins
Gibbons is slowly but surely making a name for himself on the Penguins. He's another great player that hasn't seen too much spotlight due to the stars on his team. He's a terrific hockey player and will most certainly be making a name for himself in the future. Gibbons went to Thayer Academy and Salisbury Boys School where he graduated in 2007. 

6. Brian Boyle/ New York Rangers
Boyle has been pretty good for the Rangers overall. Although he is not a star player he does his job and in my mind, that's all that matters. He will try to help the Rangers beat the Penguins tonight to advance to the next round of the play offs. Boyle went to St. Sebastians in Needham, MA where he graduated in 2003. 

7. Charlie Coyle/ Minnesota Wild
Coyle has quickly started making a name for himself on the Minnesota Wild. He has been a great player so far in his career. I think the future has a lot in store for Coyle. Coyle played for Thayer Acadmey where graduated from in 2009. 

8. Chris Kreider/ New York Rangers
Kreider quickly made a name for himself by scoring the most play off goals before a regular season game. Kreider had a hot start in the play offs in 2011. He then jumped back and forth between the Connecticut Whale (NYR AHL team) and the Rangers. He couldn't seem to make a name for himself in the show. This season it seems like Kreider has really cemented his spot in the line up for the Rangers. Kreider went to Phillips- Andover where he graduated from in 2009.

9. Max Pacioretty/ Montreal Canadiens 
Pacioretty has certainly made a name for himself on the Montreal Canadiens. He has turned into an incredible hockey player. Tomorrow night he will try to help his team get past the Bruins to advance to the next around. Pacioretty is from New Canaan, CT and went to New Canaan High School and then to The Taft School where he graduated in 2006.