Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Heavy Weight Smoke Fight: Anna Kournikova vs. Maria Sharapova

Anna Kournikova


Maria Sharapova

This is the heavyweight fight of all time of smokes. Jesus christ. Maria Sharapova just got beat by Caroline Wozniacki (who isn't ugly either...)

It got me thinking about my boo piece Anna Kournikova, who's my all time favorite tennis player and one of my biggest celebrity crushes. By no means do I think that Maria is ugly but look at Anna, man. She's just so innocent. Maria is like that chick that everyone hooked up with in high school, she's hot but she also has that girl next door image to me (sidenote: I wish she was my neighbor...) (cuz i'd be sick at tennis) but there's something about Anna that she's just this innocent nice girl. I love it. Plus Maria just looks she'd just beat the piss out of me. 

Leave a comment on who ya got. Maria or Anna????

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