Friday, September 26, 2014

Getting to Know Deshaun Watson

So, after Deshaun Watson's great performance for Clemson in relief of Cole Stoudt last week against FSU, he got named the new starter by head coach Dabo Swinney on Monday. If you don't know anything about Watson, he's a freshman phenom from Gainesville, Georgia. Basically the entire fan base wanted Deshaun to be the starter from the beginning but Dabo wanted to give the senior, Stoudt his chance. Well Stoudt wasn't stellar against Georgia, and sucked in the first quarter against FSU. Dabo realized Stoudt couldn't make a 4 yard pass for a touchdown, so Deshaun is the guy now. So let's get to know him, before our game against UNC tomorrow night (7 pm on ESPNU if you wanna watch the freak go to work).

Deshaun Watson was the top dual threat QB recruit in the country in the 2014 recruiting class. He's 6'2" 205 pounds which is a lot bigger than you'd think just from watching games on TV. He put up record numbers in the state of Georgia putting up a total of 17,134 yards of offense and 218 total touchdowns in high school. The guy is unbelievable. And his talent is obvious even in the few times he's been on the field. The Clemson offense is clearly better with Watson on the field and I'm so pumped that he's the starter now. Even if he struggles a little bit this year (which would be shocking) it's gonna be great having a confident, returning starter for at least 2 more full years after this. Deshaun Watson will be a tremendous player. Dabo said that he's the best freshman he's ever seen, and that includes Sammy Watkins, who was an All-American as a freshman.

Here's some highlights to get you acquainted. 

He's good.

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