Thursday, September 4, 2014

Team Maria

Anna Kournikova


Maria Sharapova

So Luke made his case for Anna yesterday and I'm here to counter it. I'm Team Maria all day. Have been for years. Both of these girls are smoking hot, but I think Maria's got the edge. Nothing wrong with going with Anna, but I gotta question the innocence that Luke sees in her. She dated (maybe still dating?) Enrique Iglesias and there's no way those two don't get it on all the time. There's even a music video documenting it, where they basically bang everywhere. Anyway, I think the thing that turns me on the most about Maria is that she's actually good at tennis. Like does Kournikova even play anymore? I love the competitive edge Maria has and obviously she's very attractive too. Love her moans during matches, too. Tough to give the hotness edge to either of them, and Anna might even have it, but the overall package just seems like Maria is the one to go with here. I love Maria. Don't care if she's like 6'2" or whatever. That's hot.

I could go on for days, but I think you get the point. The best one might be this last one here. Looks amazing.

P.S. This is a fire jam and Kournikova (and Enrique for that matter, ladies) does look incredibly hot in this video. Contender to be on tomorrow's playlist.


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