Monday, September 29, 2014

Derek Jeter's Top 10 Plays/Moments

Well, I think it's safe to say this will be my last Jeter blog for a little while. As you all are probably aware, Derek's amazing career came to an end yesterday, so I wanted to put together my top 10 moments of his career.

10. The Jump Throw
(He's done it so many times, but it's one of his signature defensive plays)

(Do you think Joe Morgan thinks that was a strong and accurate throw? Cause I'm not so sure)

Still could do it 15 years later

9. Becomes Yankees All-Time Hits Leader

8. Catch in Stands in 2001 ALDS

This gets on the list because it's one of the best plays he's ever made, and it was in the playoffs. Very underrated play because of the other play that you'll see coming up.

7. First Career Hit and First Career Home Run

6. 1996 ALCS Home Run

5. "The Flip" 

4. "The Dive"

3. Walk-Off Single in Final Home Game

2. DJ3K

1. "Mr. November"

Thank you, Derek.

P.S. Can't believe Bob Costas used to announce Yankees games. Or maybe just playoff games? Either way, he's a 5 foot nothing weasel. Thought that needed to be addressed.

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