Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Idiot Stabs Dog in "Defense" of His Own Dog

FOX CarolinaNEWNAN, GA (CBS46) -
A dog that was stabbed at an adoption event in Newnan on Sunday had to be euthanized.
Clara was taken to an adoption event at PetSmart on Bullsboro Drive to meet a potential adopter.
According to Newnan police, a volunteer with the Newnan-Coweta Humane Society was walking Clara outside when she broke from her collar and ran back inside the store.
Once inside, Clara walked up to a Yorkshire terrier owned by Craig Emory Hayes.
Police said Clara began to sniff the Yorkie, then grabbed it by its ear and began to pull it.
Hayes told police he kicked Clara and yelled for someone to help. He said after about 15-20 seconds, help didn't arrive so he pulled out a pocket knife and stabbed Clara.
Police said the dog was stabbed three times in the neck.

I got a real problem with this guy. Not because I'm a huge dog person, but because there's literally no reason to stab a dog in a store that's just being a little rough with your dog. If it's some fucking wolf that attacks you in the woods then yeah do what you gotta do to protect yourself or your dog. But this guy is definitely pretty low on the societal totem pole for me. It's a dog dude. This guy probably coulda just grabbed it nicely by the collar to get it away. And he says he called for help but no one answered. According to the witness though, there were like 30 people in the store. If you really thought your dog was in danger, you coulda yelled loud enough to get help. This guy was just out to get pit bulls. Apparently the one guy said that he was basically yelling "fuck pit bulls" throughout the store. This jackass even stabbed the poor dog once after the dogs were separated. Real loser this guy is.
And I don't know if it's the way the story was written or if I'm just retarded, but something doesn't seem right. The guy said he walked around the corner and saw blood after the dog was stabbed, but somehow the dog still was biting the other dog's ear and there were no marks or blood on the ear. The dog murderer said no one came to help and yet someone walked around the corner, but maybe that was after he stabbed the dog. I have no idea. I'm kinda confused by when everything happened, but I'm absolutely certain about one thing and it's that this guy is right up there with the Centerplate CEO (kicks and strangles dogs in case you didn't know) as biggest sickos in the world. Hope they rot in hell.

P.S. The owner of the dog that was stabbed said that they were out of the store when the dog broke free and ran back into the store. As long as this lady was a perfectly able woman, what the hell took so long for you to go back into the store and get your dog? What do you just sit outside the door waiting for Clara to get her ass back outside? I'm not blaming her for her dog getting stabbed by a mentally unstable freak but I'm just curious as to where she was when this happened. Maybe this PetSmart was massive. I don't know.

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