Monday, September 1, 2014

College Football Week 1 Reaction

Okay, so there's one more game tonight (Louisville vs. Miami) but for the most part everyone has played. I'm gonna run through the preseason AP top 25 poll and give my thoughts on each team. Hopefully I can keep it to just a sentence or two for each so it's not exhausting to read. Can't promise anything when I get to those #16 Tigers but here we go. Also keep in mind that I didn't watch ALL games. Just a basic reaction to the games.

1. Florida State Seminoles (vs. Oklahoma State, W 37-31): Not impressed, easily could've lost the game if it weren't for a late OK State fumble. But WOW Jameis

2. Alabama Crimson Tide (vs. West Virginia, W 33-23): Also not impressed, but Nick Saban will figure their issues out. Blake Simms did not look good.

3. Oregon Ducks (vs. South Dakota, W 62-13): It was South Dakota but the Ducks offense looked the same as always.

4. Oklahoma Sooners (vs. Louisiana Tech, W 48-16): Solid win. Exactly what you need to do against teams like this.

5. Ohio State Buckeyes (vs. Navy, W 34-17): Obviously, they weren't expected to be a top 5 team once Braxton Miller went down, but the Buckeyes did NOT look good against Navy, who sucks.

6. Auburn Tigers (vs. Arkansas, W 45-21): Auburn struggled early but pulled away in the second half. Huge running game helped with that.

7. UCLA Bruins (@ Virginia, W 28-20): I know it's tough to come to the East coast and play a noon game, but UCLA did not look like a top 10 team and Brett Hundley did not look like a Heisman candidate. Lucky for them, the defense came up with 3 TDs.

8. Michigan State Spartans (vs. Jacksonville State, W 45-7): Spartans did what they needed to do against the far less talented opponent.

9. South Carolina Gamecocks (vs. #21 Texas A&M, L 52-28): HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

10. Baylor Bears (vs. SMU, W 45-0): All around excellent win for Baylor. Everyone knew their offense could get it done, but the defense showed up as well. SMU isn't Alabama, but it's not Jacksonville State either. Good win.

11. Stanford Cardinal (vs. UC Davis, W 45-0): Much like Oklahoma and Michigan State, the Cardinal took care of business against a terrible team.

12. Georgia Bulldogs (vs. #16 Clemson, W 45-21): All you need to know is Todd Gurley. Wow.

13. LSU Tigers (vs. #14 Wisconsin, W 28-24): Big win for LSU. Great comeback against a solid Wisconsin team.

14. Wisconsin Badgers (vs. #13 LSU, L 28-24): When you have one of the best running backs in the country, he should probably get more than 2 carries in the second half. Hence, blowing the 24-7 lead.

15. USC Trojans (vs. Fresno State, W 52-13): I honestly thought USC would struggle, but they took care of business amidst controversy surrounding Josh Shaw, Steve Sarkisian, etc. Good win.

16. Clemson Tigers (@ #12 Georgia, L 45-21): UGH. OC Chad Morris' play calling was awful. Needed bigger plays downfield and they never came in the second half. The defense won't be as good as it can and should be if they're on the field every second of the game. Georgia was the better team and Todd Gurley is a frickin beast, but it could've been a closer game (hence the tie game at half). Chad Morris needed to be better in the second half. That being said, I was slightly (very) aroused by this throw:

17. Notre Dame Fighting Irish (vs. Rice, W 48-17): Everett Golson returned and had a hand in 5 TDs. Exactly what the Irish needed from him. Rice sucks but good win.

18. Ole Miss Rebels (vs. Boise State, W 35-13): Bo Wallace struggled in the first half, throwing 3 picks, but so did the Boise State QB. Wallace bounced back to finish with 4 TDs and Ole Miss used a 28 point 4th quarter to run away from the Broncos. Not impressive, but a nice win considering how much they sucked in the first half.

19. Arizona State Sun Devils (vs. Weber State, W 45-14): Where's Weber State? Montana? Taking care of business against the lesser opponent.

20. Kansas State Wildcats (vs. SF Austin, W 55-16): Same story here. I didn't even know Kansas State was ranked, but oh well.

21. Texas A&M Aggies (@ #9 South Carolina, W 52-28): Loved it. Huge win in Columbia and Kenny Hill looked like a Heisman contender with that 511 yard performance.

22. Nebraska Cornhuskers (vs. Florida Atlantic, W 55-7): Shit on a terrible team. Big story was this catch though: 

23. North Carolina Tar Heels (vs. Liberty, W 56-29): UNC struggled mightily early, but a 28 point 3rd quarter helped them run away from Liberty.

24. Missouri Tigers (vs. South Dakota State, W 38-18): Why did South Dakota State score 18 points?

25. Washington Huskies (@ Hawaii, W 17-16): I don't know anything about Washington, but I'm guessing since Hawaii doesn't have Colt Brennan anymore, they should have won by more than 1 point.

There ya go. I don't know if I'll do this every week, but for the first weekend I thought it was necessary. Enjoy the last game of the week tonight.

Clemson will bounce back this week against the kinda team everyone else was playing last week.


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