Friday, August 29, 2014

Fire Jam Friday

New thing on Fridays here at Top Cheddar. Luke's got his college football bets, and I'm doing Fire Jam Friday. Could be new stuff, old stuff, country, pop, whatever. I'll try to keep it up beat since it's Friday, but I can't make any promises. If Tay comes out with a sweet new slow break up song, I might have to throw it on here. And I think most of you know by now that T-Swift is my shit, so you're probably surprised Shake It Off isn't on this week's playlist. Well Spotify kinda sucks and it's not available there yet. Anyway, let's break down a few of the songs that are on the playlist. Basically, anything Kenny Chesney is always game and his latest Flora-Bama is sick. Anyone hotter than Ariana Grande these days? I picked a song from her new album and that could be a theme for a little while. Some 1995 Mariah throwback. "Fantasy" might be the most fire jam of all time. And "Bang Bang" is just killin it right now. 

But there it is. I'm sure you don't need a breakdown of all these songs, so just have a listen. #FireJamFriday

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