Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Reason 90345 You Shouldn't Have Cats

sourceHAMDEN, CT (WFSB) - An 88-year-old woman from Hamden was seriously injured after she let in an uninvited visitor Sunday night. Police said they received a call around 11 p.m. about a wild animal attack at a home on Brinsmade Road. Police said McKernan attempted to pet what she thought was the cat and that's when the raccoon attacked her.

Classic cats just being the worst. Listen lady, if you just turned your brain on you'd realize you always just get a dog and not a cat, unless you're some weird kind of communist type. You can't trust cats, plain and simple. Your little pet cat goes outside and befriends a raccoon, boom the cat invites the raccoon inside to your humble abode and this god damn raccoon is all up in your grill trying to eat your face off. If this was a dog and some raccoon tried to buddy him up while he was out doin' his business the dog probably would have annihilated it. Cats are just the worst. Can't trust a hoe.

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