Friday, August 29, 2014

College Football Opening Weekend Picks

So if you're a degenerate like I am you're pumped for football season to be starting up again cause that means it's the best time for gambling. Every friday I'll be posting a few games for the weekend that you should bet on. If you like free money, bet these games, if you don't dont. 
(sidenote: I use and it's great)

Opening Weekend 8/30
I'm taking Alabama covering the spread all day here. C'mon it's fuckin Alabama and WVU. WVU sucks and while people are unsure about Bama, as long as Nick Saban is the coach I'll have faith. #ROLLTIDE

I'm 100% betting the money line for Clemson vs. UGA tomorrow. That's easy. Clemson's new QB is a stud and going to tear up UGA. Clemson's defense is also unreal. 

As much as this kills me to say, I'm taking Louisville -3.5. I would LOVE Miami to come out and win this but I think they will be a little shaky with their new freshman QB. 

I'm taking Wisconsin on the money line tomorrow. I feel a BIG upset coming. Fuck LSU.

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