Friday, February 13, 2015

Hannah Davis Shrugs off SI Swimsuit Comments

SourceIf Nashville fans thought they’d be rubbing elbows with models clad in bikinis at Wednesday’s celebration of the 2015 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, they were disappointed, as all the models were fully clothed.
But the issue’s cover model — Hannah Davis — did address the backlash about her provocative photo, in which she’s pulling her bikini bottom down — a pose some critics have suggested is, well, overly suggestive. 
“There’s controversy every year, so I think it’s kind of just silly that they’re making it out to be the big thing; I mean it’s the swimsuit issue,” Davis said. “There are far more scandalous pictures in the magazine if you open it up. It’s a girl in a bikini, and I think it’s empowering; I’ve been hearing it’s degrading. I think the people who are saying that aren’t feminists, because I think when you’re a woman and you look at that picture and if you overanalyze it as anything more than just a full picture, it’s just silly to me.” Fellow model and Nashville resident Lily Aldridgespoke up for her friend.
“I think people are totally overreacting over the cover,” said Aldridge. “It’s a beautiful picture. Her bikini bottoms are in the perfectly placed position. It’s fine. It’s sexy and that’s what Sports Illustrated is.”

Saw this yesterday but didn't get a chance to blog it. I'm on a roll right now so I decided to go ahead and blog it tonight. Hey feminists, what do you want? You want women to feel empowered by their bodies, feel comfortable with their bodies regardless of what you look like. But then when a sexy woman shows off her body on the Sports Illustrated SWIMSUIT edition, it's all of a sudden too suggestive. Her vagina isn't out in the fuckin open, she's just doing a pose. And no one made her do the photo shoot. She did it because she knows she's hot as hell and wants to get paid for it. Sounds like a pretty solid idea to me. I just don't get why it's a crime to look sexy on the front of a magazine to some people. Love how Hannah Davis is just like "uh yeah it's the swimsuit edition, might be in a bikini when I'm modeling for that." Reason 10573875 why Derek Jeter is the luckiest man on Earth. His girlfriend is on the cover of the SI Swimsuit and she isn't succumbing to dumbass feminist complaints. You want suggestive? Hannah Davis just mentioning even a hint of what might go on in her and Derek's bedroom. THAT'S suggestive. Can't even imagine it. 
I could stare into Hannah Davis' eyes all day if I didn't have other obligations (class, etc).

I'll wrap up the pics with some couple photos.

Watch out Tom and Gisele. Derek and Hannah are coming for you.

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