Friday, August 29, 2014

Does This Look Like the Face of a Guy Caught with 138lbs of the Weed?

source- SOUTH WINDSOR, CT Police were able to set up surveillance and watch the suspect, identified as 54-year-old Stuart Klotzer of Stafford, as he entered a wooded area off Niederwerfer Road and then returned to his vehicle. Police followed the vehicle into Ellington where the resident state trooper assisted with stopping it. Officers located eight pounds of marijuana inside the glove compartment of Klotzer's vehicle. In addition, they seized nearly 70 pounds of marijuana plants gowning in the wooded area off Niederwerfer and another 60 pounds at Klotzer's house in Stafford. In total, police removed more than $348,000 worth of marijuana along with packaging and gowning equipment
DEAR LORD that is a LOT of pot and money. 138 pounds. That's like how much I weighed in 8th grade. Imagine filling an eighth grade up with pot, that's what we've got here. Imagine losing 348K worth of product, talk about a bad friday. This guy must be an idiot though. I feel like when you're dealing with that much product of something illegal you've got to be smart enough to get caught. Plus this guy just looks like and IDIOT. Sweet face, bro. Good job good effort. I still can't get over 138lbs. How do you transport 138lbs of weed? Also how did he get 8lbs of it into his glove box?! I can barely get my registration, title and owners manual to fit in there none the less 8lbs of marijuana. 

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