Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Does This Look Like A Bus Driver That Drove A Bus Full of Kids Home Drunk?

source-FARMINGTON, CT (WFSB) - A bus driver in Farmington was arrested for being three times the legal limit while driving students to school. Police said Tammy Costello, 44, faces 20 counts of risk of injury to a minor. Costello was brought to the Farmington Police Department where her breath tests were .139 and .134. The legal limit for commercial drivers in Connecticut is .04. 

Keep it classy, Tammy! I think when you're getting hammered at what like 3 in the afternoon, you have a drinking problem. I respect the shit out of you for getting that hammered in the middle of the day but if you're gonna get that drunk, the last thing you should do is go drive a bus full of kids. That's just fucked up. She had a .139???? that's A LOT. I'm interested to see what time she started drinking cause she's no lightweight and that must have been a lot of alcohol. 

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