Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Crazy Lady Attacks Husband Over Beer

WYFF: SPARTANBURG COUNTY, S.C. —A woman is facing an attempted murder charge after her husband prevented her from shooting him by unloading the gun, and then she went after him with an axe, according to the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies were called to a home on Glenn Springs Road on Sunday evening about a dispute involving a firearm.  When a deputy got to the house, he said he found a man standing in a yard wearing a ripped shirt, and his wife, Patricia Owensby, who was wearing a T-shirt and underpants.
The deputy said there was an axe lying on the ground in the yard near where the couple was standing.
The husband told the deputy that he and his wife were arguing over beer and a remote control for the television in the home. He said his wife had been drinking beer all day and wanted him to go and get more beer, but he wanted to find the remote control for the TV before he left. Read Full Story 

Gotta applaud both sides here. This guy's lucky he found a chick (albeit a fucking creepy and insane one) who just loves pounding brews. All she wanted to do was get hammered on PBR with her man on a Sunday night. And on the other hand, you got this dude eavesdropping on his wife's conversations with her mother. And for good reason. If he hadn't overheard that convo, you'd be reading about a guy with his face fucking shot off by his wife's shotgun. Gotta love the poise from this dude too. Just says he's angry and wants to leave after his wife just tried to unload a couple of rounds to his dome. And then he just grabs the axe from her hands as she tries to beat him with it. This dude could not have handled this situation any better. All he wanted to do was find the fucking remote control before he went out and got more beer for his alcoholic wife. And instead of freaking out on his wife trying to murder him, he just calmly dismisses any possibility of that happening by taking away the rounds to the shotgun and then grabbing an axe out of the crazy lady's hands and then settles her down. What a guy. 

Let's just go back for a second to the fact that a woman wanted to murder her husband because he didn't want to get her more beer until he found the missing TV remote. Just insane. I've been in the South enough to know that this is just classic Southern behavior. Like where else would you hear a story like this besides a state that once was seceded from the nation. No where. Textbook middle of nowhere South Carolina shit right here.

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