Wednesday, September 3, 2014

2014 New England Patriots Season Preview

If we're being honest with each other, I won't accept a Pats loss till October 26th. That's the first game that should be a real challenge for them. I'm not saying to take the first 7 teams lightly but they're 100% winnable games. Chicago could pose a little bit of a problem depending on how their season is going at that point. The Denver game will be awesome, as all of the DE vs. NE match ups are (TAKE THE WIND!!!) My prediction of the season is that the Patriots will go 13-3. Another game I have highlighted on the schedule is the Green Bay game, New England and GB don't often play each other so it should be awesome. Plus Mark and I are going to think of some good bet for that game. 

Incoming Players:
Darrell Revis
I cannot wait to see 24 in action during the regular season. I expect him to absolutely tear it up. Guy is one of the best in the game and he's going to provide the help on the defensive side that the Pats needed.

Brandon Browner
Browner and Revis holding down the defense, I CANT WAIT. It's gonna be pick city and boy will it be beautiful. Bill really brought the team two a whole new level with these two guys.

Tim Wright
This opens up a world of possibilities for Tom. Everyone knows that he needs more help than just Gronk. While Gronk is awesome, he has a history of injuries and when he gets hurt the Patriots depth chart has a huge hole. TB12 having both of these guys as options will be HUGE. Remember before Aaron Hernandez was a psycho killer, Tom was killing it between him and gronk. I expect the same thing this year and I'm FIRED UP about it. At first I was a little weary about the trade and the Patriots sending Logan Mankins to the Bucs. Logan was a key to our O-line and protecting TB12. Then I remembered that Bill has a history of trading away players that are about to suck and realized we're getting a great offensive threat so I got over it. 

The talent surrounding Brady this year is going to be insane. Amendola, Dobson, Edelman, Vereen, Gronk, Wright, Thompkins. I personally think that Brady's weapons are better than his counterpart Peyton Manning. I mean look at that list of guys, they're all incredible. I think the biggest worry on offense is the line. I hope they can step it up and give TB12 the protection that he needs. If the O-line can't hold then all those weapons are basically useless. Clearly from what I wrote before, Im ecstatic to see the Pats defense. They're seriously stacked at every unit. The defensive backfield for the Pats is just unreal. 

I'm throwing in this picture of Brady just cause how nasty his lettuce is. I really wish he'd bring it back.

But for now this beard will do. So hot.

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