Wednesday, September 10, 2014

4 Year Old Throws Puppy into the Street

A Genesee County man could face charges after neighbors videotaped his grandson continually throwing a puppy into the street.
When Karl Collyer of Flint saw what his 4-year-old neighbor was doing to his new puppy last week, he says he couldn't just sit by and watch. 
Collyer recorded the incident and then posted the video on Facebook. The video went viral with thousands wanting to know if the little lab mix pup was alright.

"The video went on for a little while; that bothered me. But the kid is really the important part," said Collyer.

Collyer contacted Genesee County Sheriff Robert Pickell. After seeing the video himself, Pickell says it's obvious the dog isn't the only one who needs to be rescued.
"I just couldn't believe my eyes," says Pickell. "When you see the way he picked this puppy up and threw it again and again and again, you know it just didn't start."

The sheriff launched an investigation. He says the child's grandfather, Kevin Stange, actually owns the puppy. 

Disgusting. Arrest the grandparents. Arrest the 4 year old. That kid WILL be a serial killer. If you just consistently toss puppies into the street, you don't have a soul. Lock him up now so you save 20 lives later on. The grandparents clearly are the worst of all time. What happened to grandparents being like the coolest people alive? I know my grandparents are. But seriously, how do you just sit there and watch your 4 year old grandson throw around a puppy? I don't care what drugs you're on, how much you might hate dogs (even though you own fucking three of them) or whatever. The second you see your grandson throw a puppy, you should put an end to it. And if these sick people taught their grandson to treat a dog like that, then they needed to be in prison last year. Fuck these people. 
And I guess it's good that this neighbor got it on video, but when you see shit like that I don't know how you don't just go next door and start throwing the kid around. See how he likes that shit. Fuck him. I'm telling you, lock him the fuck up.

If you need to see the full video, click on the FOX link above. (It's messed up though.)

Fuck you shitty grandpa.

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