Friday, September 5, 2014

Free Money Friday Week 2

Alright we're back for round 2 of Free Money Friday. Last week didn't go so hot, that Wisconsin loss was like a dagger in my heart. Couldn't believe it. Clemson shit the bed in the 2nd half. Blake Simms sucked for Bama. Nothing that was supposed to happen happened. This week will be better, I promise you that. The games this week weren't all that great but I picked a few good ones I think.
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 Week 2- 9/6

USC vs. Stanford
I'm taking the under on this USC vs. Stanford game. I think it's going to be a dog fight and don't really see either team running away with the scoreboard so I'm taking the under. 

Ole Miss vs. Vandy
I'm gonna go ahead and take Ole Miss covering the spread on this one. If you saw Vandy play last weekend you saw how god awful they were. Ole Miss had a solid win against Boise State. Ole Miss covering the spread, lock it in.

SMU vs. North Texas
This one is pretty random but I looked into and taking SMU here is an absolute steal. They're 28-4-1 all time against North Texas, yeah I'll take that. Took the money line at +125.

NFL Games

Colts vs. Broncos
I'm taking the over on this one. Both teams have great QB's and I expect it to be an offensive showdown. 

Browns vs. Steelers
I'm taking the under here. Neither of these teams put huge points up on the board and especially against each other. Lock it in.

Bears vs. Bills
I'll take the Bears covering the spread on this one. I think Cutler is a good QB and can pull out this win. Buffalo sucks so it shouldn't be a problem.

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