Monday, September 8, 2014

College Football Wrap-Up: Week 2

Week 2 is in the books, and here I am returning to react to all the AP top 25 performances. Once again, I'll try to keep it to one or two sentences but I may have more for the games that I actually watched.

1. Florida State Seminoles (vs. The Citadel, W 37-12): Yeah this would be one of those games I did not watch. But one glaring thing that we can take away from this game is that FSU is not a 4th quarter football team. Don't care who was in the game. Check the box score. You were outscored 12-3 by The Citadel in the 4th quarter. Might wanna fix that before the Tigers roll into town in a couple weeks.

2. Alabama Crimson Tide (vs. Florida Atlantic, W 41-0): The big story here was how many Bama fans were pissed that the game was called due to lightning with their team on the FAU 2 yard line ready to punch in another score.

3. Oregon Ducks (vs. #7 Michigan State, W 46-27): Dominant second half from the Ducks. Marcus Mariota was pretty much fantastic and the defense all of a sudden came up with stops against Connor Cook. And this interception was ridiculous:

4. Oklahoma Sooners (@ Tulsa, W 52-7): Another cake walk for the Sooners. 

5. Auburn Tigers (vs. San Jose State, W 59-13): And same for the Tigers.

6. Georgia Bulldogs: BYE

7. Michigan State Spartans (@ #3 Oregon, L 46-27): Rough game for the Spartans. They had a great second quarter leading to their 24-18 halftime lead and then went up 27-18 before their defense completely fell apart. Tough one to swallow knowing that the best part of your team got destroyed. Oregon's offense is good but they were definitely hoping to stop them a little better than that.

8. Ohio State Buckeyes (vs. Virginia Tech, L 35-21): Ohio State looked awful for much of this game. Record breaking crowd and they lose to VA Tech. Pretty embarrassing if you ask me. JT Barrett got sacked about a billion times. Something needs to be fixed on that O-Line. Every 3rd down was like 3rd and 47.

9. Texas A&M Aggies (vs. Lamar, W 73-3): Ruthless Kenny Trill. 

10. Baylor Bears (vs. Northwestern State, W 70-6): What the hell is Northwestern State?

11. UCLA Bruins (vs. Memphis, W 42-35): UCLA is struggling. I mean, the same defense that saved the offense last week from losing to Virginia by scoring 3 TDs gives up 35 points to frickin Memphis. 

12. LSU Tigers (vs. Sam Houston State, W 56-0): Leonard Fournette what the hell are you doing? It's Sam Houston State bro.

13. Stanford Cardinal (vs. #14 USC, L 13-10): Woulda thought that Stanford could put up more than 10 points at home against USC but I guess they had a pretty rough game.

14. USC Trojans (@ #13 Stanford, W 13-10): Gritty win for USC. Didn't know they could win these kind of low-scoring games, but the D showed up. 

15. Ole Miss Rebels (@ Vanderbilit, W 41-3): Nothing to see here. Vanderbilt is astonishingly awful.

16. Notre Dame Fighting Irish (vs. Michigan, W 31-0): Good way to end the rivalry for the Irish. Thought Michigan was better, but they looked really bad. I'll give credit to the ND defense though. Solid win.

17. Arizona State Sun Devils (@ New Mexico State, W 58-23): And ASU walks all over another shitty opponent. Gotta say 23 points is a little much though for New Mexico State.

18. Wisconsin Badgers (vs. Western Illinois, W 37-3): Well at least they were able to bounce back after last week's loss, even if it was against Western Illinois.

19. Nebraska Cornhuskers (vs. McNeese State, W 31-24): Why the fuck was McNeese State in this game? Nebraska needed this ridiculous TD from Ameer Abdullah to beat them:

20. Kansas State Wildcats (@ Iowa State, W 32-28): Iowa State is really bad and K State almost lost, but a win's a win I guess.

21. South Carolina Gamecocks (vs. East Carolina, W 33-23): I'm still laughing about that week 1 performance, but probably because the chickens sucked again this week as they barely beat ECU. They're playing pretty bad and they have Georgia coming up.

21. North Carolina Tar Heels (vs. San Diego State, W 31-27): UNC was very much in danger of losing this game. Needed a late INT in the end zone to keep SDSU from winning. By the way, that's not a typo, there are two teams ranked 21st for some reason.

23. Clemson Tigers (vs. South Carolina State, W 73-7): Not much to say about this one. Complete demolition of SC State. Good to be back in the Valley and watch the Tigers go to work. Hopefully the bye week coming up will help against Florida State in two weeks.

24. Missouri Tigers (@ Toledo, W 49-24): No idea what to say about this game. Good win Missouri? Too many points for Toledo though.

25. Lousiville Cardinals (vs. Murray State, W 66-21): Offense is looking good for Lousiville so far. It'll be good for the ACC if they're better than expected. 

Well there ya go. Go Tigers (Clemson that is, since there's like 17 Tigers in the Top 25).

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