Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Kenny Hill Tries To Pick His Own Nickname.... IDIOT

So how about Kenny Hill trying to pick his own nickname. Dude do you not know the rules of life???? You can't pick your own nickname, that's just a fucking fact and I don't care what anyone says. If you try to tell me you want to be called something that NO ONE has ever called you I'm gonna think you're an asshole, plain and simple. Plus I think we give Kenny Hill a few more games before we get too excited, he had one sick game but South Carolina's defense just didn't show up. Throwing for 511 yards is impressive, yeah, but look at how South Carolina's defense was playing. 

Also did anything happen with him getting arrested? Incase you forgot Hill got arrested last march for public intoxication and was "suspended indefinitely" Did Kevin Sumlin, A&M and the NCAA just let that whole thing go? I guess he just got suspended from spring football activities, yeah I doubt he was too torn up about that. Oh bummer, I don't have to go to spring ball and can just continue drinking all i want. 

P.S. How FIRE is that album in the first picture? holy bajesus. 

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