Thursday, September 25, 2014

Minnesota Twins Pitchers Misses 500K Payday

source- It was the final start of the season for Hughes, who fell one-third of an inning short of triggering a $500,000 innings bonus in his contract with the Twins. The right-hander has thrown 209 2/3 innings this season; his contract stipulates that he would receive the bonus if he reaches 210 innings pitched. Twins manager Ron Gardenhire told reporters after the game that he will not use Hughes out of the bullpen this weekend. The former All-Star acknowledged that he is aware of the situation regarding his bonus.
Damn. Talk about having a bad day at the office, huh? Gardenhire could be a nice guy and let Hughes pitch out of the bullpen. It's not like you guys are making the play offs. Why not make your stud pitcher happy? The twins could also make a great PR move and just give Hughes the money anyways. The guy is one-third short, big deal. Imagine if the Twins did that? It'd be the positive story that sports need right now, especially with everything going on with their neighbors the Vikings. I can't imagine being that close to half a mill. I'd probably lock myself in my room and never come back out. Absolutely brutal. I guarantee you no one has ever hated mother nature more than Hughes. 
Hey Phil Hughes, you're a MORON bro. Seriously, be dumber. YOU CAN'T. God I hate him so much now. Who doesn't want 500K for free? If it wasn't meant to be then you wouldn't have gotten this far you friggin idiot. I'm so fired up right now. Cannot believe it. I would do bad bad bad things for 500K.

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