Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Guy Sets Fire to His Girlfriend's House

WYFFSPARTANBURG COUNTY, S.C. —A man confessed to setting his girlfriend’s home on fire, according to a report from the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office. 

Terry Wayne Linkous is charged with arson, the report said.

It said Linkous said his girlfriend had spent his social security check and when he tried calling her she would not answer her phone. He said he called her place of employment and they told her she had been fired, the report said.
The report said Linkous told deputies he got mad and poured gasoline throughout her house and then lit it on fire.
He also told deputies he left the gas can in the home to burn up and used matches to light the fire, according to the report. 

First of all, is it just me or does this guy look pretty good for being able to receive social security checks already? Don't you have to be like 62 or 65 or something to start getting those? Guy looks 55 tops. Maybe I'm crazy.
But anyway, how bout this chick just taking his check? If this guy's retired, that's probably all he lives on. Now if you can't live on your retirement money then you should probably Favre it and come out of retirement, but that's a different story. This chick has no right taking this. I'm not saying it deserved a burnt down house, but you don't mess with a man's money. Especially when you're not married and don't have any legal connection to any of it. Both these people are freaks, but if you're the chick you gotta know something about your man. I don't know how long these folks have been fucking but you have to know how the dude might react if you decide to steal his only source of income. Gotta take a second and say to yourself, "Oh Terry might burn down my fucking house if I take his money" and then way the pros and cons of that outcome. And this dude needs to handle his funds better. Can't just leave your money lying around for your girl to steal. But hey, maybe he trusted her. 

P.S. Gotta be the first time a South Carolina man got his mugshot taken in a wife beater, right?

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