Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Schedule for the 2017 College Football Playoff Champions Has Been Released

I'll definitely end up doing a team preview closer to the start of the season in the fall, but the schedule was released today and I just wanted to get it out there. No reason we can't go undefeated through the regular season again and get ourselves back to the ACC Championship and back to the CFB Playoff and back to the Natty. Just gotta win it this time. A little over 7 months until opening weekend. Who's trying to go to Auburn with me?


That last one is over 25 minutes long, but if you're a Clemson fan I urge you to watch it because it'll get you ready for our Tigers to make another run at the trophy next year. It'll probably make you cry. But it'll reassure the pride you have to be a Clemson Tiger, and it'll get you tasting the 2017 Natty. 

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