Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Deshaun Watson Officially Named a Heisman Finalist

I've been saying it all season. Deshaun Watson is the best player in college football. He's an underdog to win the Heisman, but honestly there's no reason Derrick Henry or Christian McCaffrey should win this award even though they've had record breaking seasons. Deshaun is the best player on the best team in the country and without him Clemson would probably be like 8-4. Instead they're 13-0 and heading to the playoffs as the #1 seed. Deshaun is the only player in the country with 3500 passing yards and 800 rushing yards. He's got 41 total TDs. That's okay, I guess. And guess what? He's the best quarterback in the country. Wanna know what position matters more than any other in football? Quarterback.

Derrick Henry is very good obviously. I've given him credit for his great season every week. But also, he touches the ball more than every running back in the country. And I'm sure any back up running back Bama has could run for similar numbers with the same amount of carries. He always gets off to slow starts, but Bama has the lead anyway, so then they run it with Henry literally the rest of the game and he has no choice but to accumulate yards. Getting 336 carries in a season shouldn't automatically make you the Heisman winner. Wayne Gallman coulda put up these numbers if he got 110 more carries. Shit.

Christian McCaffrey is a great player as well. He broke Barry Sanders' record for most all purpose yards in a season. That's crazy. But also, Stanford lost TWO games and he didn't have great games in either. He also has 12 touchdowns rushing and receiving combined. And a third of those came in one game. Deshaun has 11 rushing touchdowns which is more than this chump has. Enough said there.

The bottom line is that Deshaun Watson is the most complete player in the country playing the most important position in football, and led his team to an undefeated season. He steps up in big games when his team needs him most, whether it's with his arm or his legs or both. Simply put, he's the best player in the country.


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