Tuesday, December 1, 2015

College Football Roundup: Week 13

It was Rivalry Week in college football, and it was another solid weekend of games. Hope all four readers had a great Thanksgiving, and I hope everyone else did as well. 

1. Clemson Tigers (@ South Carolina, W 37-32): A little closer than I would have liked. I don't really get why we can't hold on to the football but whatever. Deshaun is a god damn baller and is so fun to watch. "If we ever win the turnover battle, we're gonna kill somebody" might be Dabo's best quote of the year and he's had some great ones. The Tigers have the ACC Championship coming up against UNC as they look to guarantee a spot in the playoffs. 

2. Alabama Crimson Tide (@ Auburn, W 29-13): So Derrick Henry is really good. But also, you better run for a billion yards when you get the ball handed to you 46 times. A lot of people are just handing Henry the Heisman now, but I think it's gonna be pretty close between he and Deshaun.

3. Oklahoma Sooners (@ #11 Oklahoma State, W 58-23): OU took home the conference title with the blow out win over in state rival OK State. They're looking really good at the end of the season and since the Big 12 doesn't have a championship game, they've pretty much secured a playoff spot. Baker Mayfield will most likely be in New York as a Heisman finalist as well. He's really good. 

4. Iowa Hawkeyes (@ Nebraska, W 28-20): Are you sitting down? Because I'm about to say something shocking. I actually watched most of this game. And Iowa's defense is pretty legit. Their running game is pretty solid, and they just keep finding a way to get the job done. Like Clemson, Iowa could care less about how perfect their victories are. They're undefeated, and that's pretty awesome.

5. Michigan State Spartans (vs. Penn State, W 55-16): So MSU followed up their big win over Ohio State with a blow out victory over Penn State. They locked up a spot in the Big 10 title game against undefeated Iowa. 

6. Notre Dame Fighting Irish (@ #9 Stanford, L 38-36): A real tough game for the Irish. They scored to go up by 1 with 30 seconds left. And then they give up a field goal as time expires. I don't know how they let Stanford get down the field so easily but it happened and they lost. Sucks.

7. Baylor Bears (@ #19 TCU, L 28-21 2OT): It was POURING on Friday night at TCU. Both teams put up 14 points pretty quickly and then the score didn't change until overtime because it was so sloppy. But Baylor is back to being the fraud team of the year. Congrats!

8. Ohio State Buckeyes (@ #10 Michigan, W 42-13): Well it's safe to say OSU bounced back pretty nicely. They just absolutely crushed their rivals at the Big House. And Ezekiel Elliot had a solid game after his bitchy comments after the game last week.

9. Stanford Cardinal (vs. #6 Notre Dame, W 38-36): Big win for the Cardinal. If all hell breaks loose in the conference championship games then they MIGHT have a shot at the playoffs. But it's still pretty doubtful. 

10. Michigan Wolverines (vs. #8 Ohio State, L 42-13): Not a great showing from the Wolverines on Saturday. They had a chance to make a statement, but noooope. Got blown out at home instead.

11. Oklahoma State Cowboys (vs. #3 Oklahoma, W 58-23): Oklahoma is just a better football team, but OK State definitely just crumbled these last two weeks. Had an opportunity to win their conference at home against their rival and they just folded like a pancake. 

12. Florida Gators (vs. #13 Florida State, L 27-2): I don't know if anything in football is funnier than a team scoring 2 points. Like how were you good enough to force a safety when you're playing such an awful game? Two damn points. Laugh out loud funny for a team ranked 12th in the country and headed to the SEC Championship game. Alabama might play their third string and save their starters for the playoffs. Goodness.

13. Florida State Seminoles (@ #12 Florida, W 27-2): Florida's offense is horrendous. But you gotta give some props to FSU's defense for holding them to zero points. And Dalvin Cook is really good.

14. North Carolina Tar Heels (@ NC State, W 45-34): UNC finished undefeated in conference play and a dreadful loss to South Carolina to open the season is the only thing keeping them from rolling into the ACC Championship unblemished just like Clemson. Should be a great game Saturday.

15. Navy Midshipmen (@ Houston, L 52-31): Navy got absolutely roasted by Houston. Sucks for them. 

16. Northwestern Wildcats (@ Illinois, W 24-14): A solid 10 win season for the Cats. That's about as good as you can be if you're Northwestern. 

17. Oregon Ducks (vs. Oregon State, W 52-42): What an electric game this was. Just so much speed everywhere. Back and forth scoring. For a game that was supposed to be a blowout, the Civil War definitely provided some excitement on Friday afternoon. 

18. Ole Miss Rebels (@ #21 Mississippi State, W 38-27): How bout Swag Kelly passing Eli Manning for most passing yards in a season at Ole Miss. Gotta love it. And SCREW the SEC for not having a YouTube page like every other conference where game highlights are easy to find. Sorry guys, no good highlight package of the Egg Bowl, where both teams are ranked. Gonna have to go find it on your own.

19. TCU Horned Frogs (vs. #7 Baylor, W 28-21 2OT): The Frogs got their star quarterback back and they got back into the win column. 

20. Washington State Cougars (@ Washington, L 45-10): Wait why was Washington State ranked?

21. Mississippi State Bulldogs (vs. #18 Ole Miss, L 38-27): Dak Prescott had another great season but there's just not enough around him to win these kinda games.

22. UCLA Bruins (@ USC, L 40-21): Roller coaster season to say the least for the Bruins. Should be a little more consistent next year though. 

23. Utah Utes (vs. Colorado, W 20-14): Cool win Utah.

24. Toledo Rockets (vs. Western Michigan, L 35-30): Jeez. Embarrassing Toledo. Can't be a consistent top 25 and lose to Western Michigan. Goodness.

25. Temple Owls (vs. UConn, W 27-3): There's the UConn we all know and love!

Rivalry Week is in the books. The top four teams all went on the road to play rivals and survived. Can't hate it. See you cats back next week to round up Championship Week. And a meaningless Baylor vs Texas game!

Go Tigers. Deshaun 4 Heisman.

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