Monday, December 14, 2015

Best Music of 2015

Just like every other year, it's been a great year for music with tons of bangers coming at us from all corners so I tried to compile a list of my favorites. Leave a comment on what you think I left out or tell me how awful my choice in music is. 

We start it off with Sammy Adam's new single "Remember" which is straight fire on the track, he finally released a good song again. Then we got 'Love Yourself' by the one and only J.Biebs, listen I used to hate Bieber more than anyone but his new album "Purpose" is incredible, god damn incredible. We've got some new ZBB on there, if you have ever read Top Cheddar before you know Zac is my boy. Tons of other great songs littered in there, some Kanye, Mike Posner (throwback), Grace Potter who's new album is nuts good. We've got it all for you, so give this playlist a spin. 

Top 4 Albums of 2015:
4. Professional Rapper- Lil Dicky
Absolutely great record from Lil D. I still listen to it on a regular basis. It's a rap album for white guys and it crushes. Some hilarious tracks, some tracks that will tug at the heart strings. Lil D has got it all.

3. Purpose- Justin Bieber
I'm sure none of you saw this coming, maybe you did, i don't care either way. Purpose is an incredible album. We watched Bieber turn from a boy to a man and this album is stuffed to the brim with great tracks, I'm pretty sure 'Love Yourself' is my favorite song of 2015...

2. Jekyll and Hyde- Zac Brown Band
LOVED the new ZBB album. I'm a HUGE ZBB guy so I had to throw it in here, it was a great album for the first few months but my biggest problem with it is that I don't think it has longevity. In 20 years I don't think people will be talking about this record. I loved it and still jam to it frequently but it just doesn't hold that kinda weight in my opinion. 'Homegrown' was also heavily overplayed on the radio. Anyways, great work from ZBB. 

1. Coming Home- Leon Bridges
Finally, my number 1. This record was absolutely incredible. I love every single track on it so it was hard to just pick a few for the playlist. I saw Leon this summer in San Francisco and his live show was great as well, for me hearing the songs live is what made them even better. 

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