Monday, December 7, 2015

No Surprise to Anyone, Brandon Prust Still Sucks

So this happened on Saturday night when the B's were up in Vancouver. This happened with 1:53 left in the game while the Canucks were down 4-0.... Anyone that knows anything about the NHL knows that Brandon Prust is an absolute scum bag, never been a good guy. Listen, who knows what Marchand was chirping out on the ice, he loves to get under guys' skin but this is fucked up. No place in hockey for it. Now I know everyone is gonna go "oh what about Lucic when he did that to Dekeyser in the play offs?" 
Well that was equally as fucked up, Prust and Lucic were both fined 5k for cup checking. I think that these kind of plays deserve suspensions, just a game is better than nothing in my opinion. This move serves absolutely no purpose other than proving that you're a scum bag. In my opinion, the worst part of the whole Prust doing this to Marchand part is what Prust had to say after the fact...
It's not hard to tell that the $5,000 fine didn't rattle Prust too much, if the NHL wants to get this move out of the game, they may want to change the consequence. I hate Prust so god damn much, anyone that has ever been hit in the balls know how much it always hurts, doesn't matter how hard it is so him saying "it wasn't that hard" is just a bold face lie. Hey Brandon Prust, kick rocks you plug.

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