Monday, March 28, 2016

ESPN Continues to Prove They're the Dumbest People on Planet Earth

Can I ask a serious question? What dumb motherfucker hits send on this tweet and thinks it's a good tweet? Like I feel like even some social media intern who GOES to Syracuse isn't dumb enough to hit send on this tweet. Syracuse has one national championship between their men's and women's teams. Wanna know who has more or just as many? Fuckin everyone pretty much. Capital of college basketball my ass. Sick, Cuse has their teams in the Final Four. Guess what school had both teams win it all two years ago? And have 14 (almost a guaranteed 15) championships combined between their two teams in just the last 21 years? Fuckin UConn, that's who.

Aaaaaaand there is UConn's social media team actually being on top of their shit and putting ESPN and Syracuse in a fucking body bag. Hey Cuse, good luck beating Brice Johnson and UNC and good luck against UConn in the women's finals (assuming you can beat 7 seed Washington). Syracuse and ESPN, just so lame. Cuse thinks they're UConn, always wanted to be UConn, but never quite good enough. And ESPN just being the network of eternal douchebaggery and stupidity. What tools.

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