Friday, June 17, 2016

Fire Jam Friday

Great mix of new music and some timeless classics this week. Enjoy it all folks. And have a great Father's Day weekend.


Also, starting this week I'm gonna throw in my weekly top 10 songs of all time playlist every week. Each week could be the same top 10, some different, some same, or just 10 new songs that have all been in my top 10 favorite songs at some point in my life. Full disclosure, Taylor Swift isn't on Spotify so this isn't the best playlist but I figured it would be cool to throw together some of my favorite songs ever each week.

ALSO, huuuuuuge summer playlist for you guys. Been working on it for a couple weeks and will probably continue to add songs to it throughout the summer. Just be sure to shuffle it because I didn't mix it up at all because it's a huge playlist.

Enjoy it all. And follow topcheddar on Spotify for all your essential playlists.

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