Friday, November 4, 2016

College Football Roundup: Week 9

Pretty crazy weekend of college football last week. And it set up nicely for the first playoff rankings of the season on Tuesday night. For this round up, the rankings will still reflect the week 9 AP poll. Let's get started.

1. Alabama Crimson Tide: BYE

2. Michigan Wolverines (@ Michigan State, W 32-23): Not that impressive of a win for Michigan, but they managed to finally beat the Spartans.

3. Clemson Tigers (@ #12 Florida State, W 37-34): One of the best games of the season so far. Sure there were a ton of penalties, but it didn't make the game not enjoyable to watch. Deshaun threw two picks but other than that looked pretty unstoppable. Dalvin Cook is the best running back in the country and it's not even close. I mean I hate Florida State but that guy is just straight up impressive. If I were an FSU fan I'd be pissed they didn't use him more. I thought Clemson shoulda used Gallman more as well. The star of the game though was Jordan Leggett. Just single handily murdering FSU on the last drive. I also thought the FSU QB was just gonna die on the field at one point too. Dude got messed up all night and I loved it. Bottom line is that it was another hard fought win for the Tigers and they now have three wins against currently ranked opponents, with two coming on the road. I'll take it, even if we still haven't played a clean game all year.

4. Washington Huskies (@ #17 Utah, W 31-24): Jake Browning sucks. But Washington's special teams and running back won the game for them. People acting like Browning is a Heisman candidate are just stupid though. 

5. Louisville Cardinals (@ Virginia, W 32-25): Louisville sucks. That's all I got. Nothing special.

6. Ohio State Buckeyes (vs. Northwestern, W 24-20): Ohio State also sucks.

7. Nebraska Cornhuskers (@ #11 Wisconsin, L 23-17 OT): Well they almost had em. Madison is a tough place to win at though. First loss for Nebraska, they still have some hope.

8. Baylor Bears (@ Texas, L 35-34): I love how Baylor starts every season 6-0 or 7-0 and bitches about how no one gives them respect, even though their toughest out of conference opponent in the last like 10 seasons is Rice, and then they play a team who has competency and they lose. That's what you get for trying to cover up your players raping girls and dogs, Baylor. Suck it, douchebags. 

9. Texas A&M Aggies (vs. New Mexico State, W 52-10): Way to bounce back from the loss to Bama, guys.

10. West Virginia Mountaineers (@ Oklahoma State, L 37-20): The Big 12 is a mess and I love it. Baylor and WVU were the only hopes for the Big 12 to get a team in the playoff. Now that hope is gone. 

11. Wisconsin Badgers (vs. #7 Nebraska, W 23-17 OT): Wisconsin has some of the best wins in the country, it's unfortunate they have two losses against fellow top 10 teams because otherwise they'd very much be a playoff contender.

12. Florida State Seminoles (vs. #3 Clemson, L 37-34): FSU has Dalvin Cook. And that's it. But he almost got them a win. Almost.

13. Boise State Broncos (@ Wyoming, L 30-28): Aaaaand there goes the Broncos' season.

14. Florida Gators (@ Georgia, W 24-10): Florida might be okay I guess. 

15. Auburn Tigers (@ Ole Miss, W 40-29): Ole Miss sucks, but Auburn keeps winning and that means Clemson has two top 10 wins now. Boom.

16. Oklahoma Sooners (vs. Kansas, W 56-3): Kansas is a joke of a program.

17. Utah Utes (vs. #4 Washington, L 31-24): Utah is pretty good, but just not good enough in this one. Tough loss.

18. Tennessee Volunteers (@ South Carolina, L 24-1): Wow, the all time low for an SEC squad. Losing to SCar. Tennessee fucking sucks.

19. LSU Tigers: BYE

20. Western Michigan Broncos: BYE

21. North Carolina Tar Heels: BYE

22. Navy Midshipmen (@ South Florida, L 52-45): Sucks Navy.

23. Colorado Buffaloes: BYE

24. Penn State (@ Purdue, W 62-24): So I guess Penn State is good now? Who knows. Purdue sucks.

25. Virginia Tech Hokies (@ Pittsburgh, W 39-36): Hell of a game from the VT QB. 

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