Friday, August 25, 2017

Recap of the Yankees Tigers Brawl Yesterday

So in case you live under a rock, or you just hate sports, the Yankees and Tigers got into a huge brawl yesterday afternoon. A+ entertainment, and the Tigers and umpires can be blamed in full. Yeah I'm a Yankees fan but they really didn't do anything wrong.

A little background: Back in July when these teams played in New York, the Yankees plunked Mikie Mahtook twice and he took it personally. Mikie fucking Mahtook! This guy thinks he's good enough to get hit on purpose. So anyway, Michael Fulmer drills Ellsbury in the hip the next inning. Okay whatever, the Yanks hit someone twice, they understood, Ellsbury took it like a man (surprisingly) and went to first base. If I remember correctly he scored that inning and Michael Fulmer got shit on late in the game anyway. Suck it loser. But they played two more games in New York and nothing happened.

Fast forward to yesterday and Gary Sanchez hits his 4th BOMB in 3 games in Detroit. Guy is on an absolute tear. Such a monster. But his next at bat, first pitch right in the hip from Michael Fulmer. What a fucking cry baby. Can't give up a dinger without drilling the guy the next at bat. Soft as fuck. Umpires issue no warning even though intent was crystal clear. 

So then later on Kahnle throws behind Miguel Cabrera. Kahnle gets IMMEDIATELY tossed. Yo, what?? There wasn't even a warning. Yeah Kahnle probably threw behind him on purpose but so did Fulmer. Girardi came storming out of the dugout like a George Brett and got tossed himself. Love when Girardi gets fired up. I'll knock him for decision making but I can't knock is loyalty to his players. He loves his guys and he'll go down with them when they get fucked. 

So Cabrera seemed to take it okay, but then for some reason got into it with Austin Romine behind the dish while Aroldis Chapman was warming up. Cabrera shoved Romine when they got face to face (love Romine taking off his mask to talk shit unlike that coward Jason Varitek) and then he threw some absolutely terrible punches that didn't come anywhere close to landing on Romine's face or body. Romine straight up tackled Cabrera and things went on from there. Romine got some good gut punches in on the ground. Gary got some good ones on some guys who were pinned down. Love the tag team effort. Pin em down, Gary will finish them the fuck off. 

So all that shit died down. And then the next inning, Dellin Betances came in and on the second pitch he absolutely drilled James McCann in the dome with a 98 MPH fastball. Laugh out loud funny stuff. Obviously you have to eject him there but if you think he was throwing at the guys head on purpose you have rice pilaf for brains. It was a tie game and I'm pretty sure he was gonna be expected to pitch two innings if he didn't drill the guy. You could see him pleading to the ump pretty intensely that it wasn't on purpose. "It's a tie game! There's no one in the bullpen!" were definitely sentences I saw him shout at the ump. No one goes through that much effort in defense of themselves if they're guilty of throwing at the guy. -- Also, fun story I was once involved in a little disagreement with the opponent in a men's league game one summer. I was pitching and gave up a ground rule double, guy thought it was gone, I yelled at him, he yelled back, they overturned the call cuz the ump was an idiot. Benches semi cleared and there were just a lotta shouts to one another. Next batter all I was thinking to myself was "don't hit this guy, don't hit this guy" and sure enough my first pitch went buzzing right over the fucker's head. Whoops my bad. My coach took me out and everyone thought I did it on purpose. I told them if I were trying to hit him I woulda hit him square in his forehead like a poor man's Mike Piazza. -- So anyway, benches cleared again, Robertson had to come in and he shit the bed. He actually hit the next batter in an 0-2 count (LOL) and then walked the guy after that before giving up a bases clearing double which would cost the Yanks the game.

So then later this punk Alex Wilson thinks he has to retaliate AGAIN as if the Tigers didn't start everything, and he drills Todd Frazier in the hip. He said after the game "it was just something I had to do at that point in the game." Bro, WHAT??? I don't think you'd have to do that if your teammates weren't absolute fucking assholes. Get lost.

So a lot of people out there are roasting Sanchez for sucker punching guys who were on the ground. Yeah not a great look but at least he got down on a knee and got into the scrum before laying the punches. He's 24 years old, there's a huge fight going on, punches being thrown all over the place, he just wanted to get in on the action. Probably coulda done it better but whatever. Glad he only got a 4 game suspension. Romine got 2. They can work around it so they have a catcher on the roster for the next two series.

Pedro Martinez can unequivocally go fuck himself. Talking about Gary Sanchez's legacy and reputation around the league because he punched a guy on the ground. Bro, he got drilled for no fucking reason other than being a billion times better than the pitcher is or ever will be. Sorry he wanted to get a few punches on the team full of punks.
Hey Pedro, when benches cleared one time you grabbed a 70+ year old dude by the skull and ripped him to the dirt. Get fucking bent talking about reputations from your god damn high horse. Fucking LOSER.

Sidenote: Big homestand for the Yankees this weekend. Need a 7-3 or better against some of the American League's best teams. Would love that.

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