Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Boston Bruins Trade Deadline Thoughts

I haven't written a blog since December because I'm lazy and no one reads them but I figured now would be a good time to maybe try it out again. I really know how to run a ship, huh? Anyways, figured I'd write about the Bruins and what they're going to do with the trade deadline looming because they have one of the biggest story lines going into it. Next Monday is the NHL's trade deadline and I think everyone in New England is wondering what is going to happen with our friend Loui Eriksson. In my opinion, Loui never really materialized in Boston but maybe that's because I keep comparing Tyler Seguin (Remember him? The guy who partied too hard at 19 that the B's gave up on?) But as of this season, Loui has been great. He's notched 48pts in 60 games thus far, which I don't know about most B's fans but that's what I expected from him every year he's been in Boston. I understand that he's been sidelined with concussions but c'mon. Loui is a UFA at the end of the season which is why he is such a hot topic. Loui is asking for 5-6 years and the B's are looking to give him 3-4. I have to side with the Bruins on this one, no offense but I don't want Loui till he's 36/37. Sure he's having a great season but what is he going to do for Boston in 6 years? While it sucks now that it seems that Loui's days in Boston are limited, if the Bruins get the right player in return I can live with losing Loui. The #1 guy I would like to see the Bruins trade Loui for is Kevin Shattenkirk of the St. Louis Blues. 
While I don't know how likely this is due to Pietrangelo being on the IR, I would love to see it happened. Apparently before Pietrangelo went down, Shatty was on the block. He would be a HUGE asset in Boston. If you've watched the Bruins this season, you know how awful they are on the blue line. Chara is old, Seidenberg is old, Kevan Miller is having a down season, Krug is good but small. Shattenkirk is the guy we need to replace Chara. He's an established defenseman who is great in his own zone and can chip in offensively as well. 
Another guy I wouldn't mind seeing the Bruins give up Erkisson for is Justin Schultz of the Edmonton Oilers. He's a younger guy who was supposed to be an all star defenseman in the league. He hasn't really had an incredible season yet in his short NHL career but he has a huge ceiling and a change of scenery might work well for Schultz. 

While the most common rumor that I am hearing is that the Bruins are going to give up Eriksson at the deadline for future picks. I hate this move. In my opinion, giving him up for picks right now means that they are waving the white flag on the season. They are currently tied second with 70 points, which to me doesn't seem like a time to give up on the season. If they're going to give up Eriksson right now for picks, in my opinion they should also give up Chara for picks right now. While Chara is certainly one of the better Bruins of all time I feel like his time in black and gold has come. While he's still a great player, I think we could get some good returns for him. If the brass decides they want to give up on this season why not go all out? Stay tuned to see what happens.

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