Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Yankees Want Their Players to Deal with Media Like Russell Wilson, Not Like Cam Newton

SourceThe New York Yankees have something in common with your loud-mouthed uncle who loves to complain on Facebook — they also think Russell Wilson sets a better example than Cam Newton

The Yankees, specifically, aren't fans of Cam Newton's pouty post-Super Bowl press conference (yes, people are still talking about this), but they've anointed Russell Wilson and his cliché 2015 Super Bowl-losing press conference as the way to do things.
Here's how this planned out in Yankees camp, from ESPN New York's Andrew Marchand:
During the Yankees' media training, the Super Bowl is being used to portray the right and wrong way to act. Part of a video shown to pitchers and catchers compares how Cam Newton handled his Super Bowl loss to the way Russell Wilson dealt with his defeat the previous year.
Cam's presser you know well by now: He grumbled and sulked, giving abrupt answers before walking out. It's almost like he felt emotion after losing the big game of his life. Imagine that.

I can't even begin to describe how stupid this move is. Why tell players to be more like Russell Wilson when you have an icon who retired two years ago that current players can model themselves after. Name one time that Derek Jeter said something wrong to the media. You can't do it. Tell your players to act like him. You don't need to use football analogies and praise a loser like Russell Wilson while publicly saying Cam Newton doesn't know how to handle himself. Why attack a player in a different sport for no reason? There's no reason at all to publicly announce that acting like Cam Newton is the wrong way to act. Also, Russell Wilson took the blame in the 2015 Super Bowl because he threw a fucking interception on the goal line with like 20 seconds left or whatever it was. Cam Newton was just distraught and pissed he lost. I would not give a single fuck if a Yankee acted like that after losing a Game 7 World Series game. 
I think what the Yankees should have told their pitchers is to act like Andy Pettitte or something like that. I don't get the use of the Russell Wilson comparison. Or just tell them not to act like Ervin Santana who blames him giving up 430 foot bombs to Greg Bird on Yankee Stadium being a hitters park. If you want your pitchers to take the blame for shitty performance, just tell them to do that. Tell them to be team players. Nothing Cam Newton has ever done would suggest to me that he is a bad teammate and puts the blame on his teammates for his mistakes. This was just so unnecessary to me to make it a public thing. Russell Wilson is a loser who won't have sex with one of the hottest chicks on the planet. I would advise Yankees players strongly to not abstain from sex during the entire season. Because otherwise, you'll end up getting murdered by cool people like Cam Newton in the playoffs (if you're lucky enough to make the playoffs). 

P.S. I say "lucky enough to make the playoffs" but we all know the Yankees are winning the World Series this year.

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