Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Alright, It's Time to Talk About this Trevor Story Kid

(Video made before he hit a 7th on Sunday)

This kid just put up the best first week of a career ever. Simply unreal. Trevor Story had never played in an MLB game before opening day last week, and in his first six games he hits 7 bombs and drives in 12 runs. It's flat out amazing, and I love every second of it. He's not even supposed to be their starting shortstop. Jose Reyes is out for God knows what reason. I don't know if it's because he beat his wife or if his hamstring got ripped in half for the 68th time in his career. Either way, he's not playing and this Story kid just comes in and absolutely rakes. Let's hope he keeps it going because this is fun to watch. I honestly don't think this is some kinda fluke though. Power to all fields and look at how quick his hands are on some of these bombs, especially the 6th one. He's definitely good. And if I'm the Rockies, I'm trading Jose Reyes right now for whatever the hell they might be able to get for him because Story is a god damn stud. 

Also, I'm not one to toot my own horn, but I'm gonna toot my own horn here for a sec. Drafted this kid in my fantasy league in the last round of the draft. I'm one of few men who predicted this kinda production. 

P.S. The best part about this is that his name is awesome for puns. A lot of "this Story never ends," "what an amazing Story," "true Story" talk. But this is my favorite. Kudos to the social media person for MLB for using this one. 

I did some research...

...and YUP it's in tune! 

P.P.S. The Rockies could be one of the worst teams in baseball again this year, but if this shit keeps up they might have 3 players finish in the top 5 in MVP voting. Story is unreal, CarGo has looked like an MVP since the second half of last year, and Nolan Arenado sneaky shoulda won the MVP last year (jk Bryce definitely shoulda won it, but Nolan shoulda been second, not fucking 8th).

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