Friday, April 29, 2016

Fire Jam Friday

Finals week in Clemson, and as is tradition...

...Free Fallin by Tom Petty is the lead track on this week's playlist. It's my last finals week ever so it's a little more meaningful this time. Love blasting Free Fallin after finals are over. Also, Drake dropped Views this week, BUT it's not on Spotify so I threw in a Drake classic while we wait for it. Shoutout to my boy Malik though because I'm pretty sure he's been waiting for and tweeting about Views since the day I met him. Haven't listened to Views yet but hopefully it's solid because I've started to get on the Drake train a little bit. (Click Here to Stream Views). Other than Drake, there is a ton of other great new music including a track from Calvin Harris and Rihanna. Not quite as good as We Found Love but no song is so this one is still pretty sick. Enjoy folks.


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