Saturday, January 31, 2015

All the Katy Perry You Need For Your Super Bowl Pregame

So if you're anything like me, or if you resemble anything close to a normal human being, you love Katy Perry and are gonna be jammin out to her all day tomorrow. She's absolutely going to KILL the halftime show. No doubt in my mind, it'll be the best ever. But, before then, you're gonna need some tunes to keep you going. Obviously you coulda put this playlist together yourself, but that's what I'm here for so you don't have to do any work at all. Grill out, crush some Katy Perry, drink a beer or 14, and then sit down and watch the Patriots remove every organ from the Seahawks' bodies en route to an 80 point victory. 

A couple bonus tracks from when KP was a Christian rocker

And a couple bonus pics cause she's the hottest woman alive

(I'll still take Katy Perry with short blue hair over pretty much anyone else ever)

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