Thursday, October 20, 2016

College Football Roundup: Week 7

Last weekend almost gave me a heart attack. Serious scare. Let's get into it.

1. Alabama Crimson Tide (@ #9 Tennessee, W 49-10): Screw Alabama. They're pretty good though I guess.

2. Ohio State Buckeyes (@ #8 Wisconsin, W 30-23 OT): Top 10 road win looks pretty good on the ole resume. Pretty good comeback win too in my book. Also, what an odd highlight package from Big Ten Network not showing the game winning touchdown in OT...

3. Clemson Tigers (vs. NC State, W 24-17 OT): Clemson really needs to start taking care of the football. No turnovers and this game is a blowout. Instead you got two fumbles in the red zone, and a pick six on the first play from scrimmage to start the second half. Just stupid plays. That being said, my spin zone on this game is that at least we can win these types of games. The types of games where you get lucky as fuck and win a game you don't deserve to win and in which you did everything to try to lose it.

4. Michigan Wolverines: BYE

5. Washington Huskies: BYE

6. Texas A&M Aggies: BYE

7. Louisville Cardinals (vs. Duke, W 24-14): The other top ten ACC team struggled at home as well. Duke just wasn't able to force OT.

8. Wisconsin Badgers (vs. #2 Ohio State, L 30-23 OT): I don't know what the hell the QB for the Badgers was doing on the last play. At least toss it up and hope for something. Getting sacked on 4th down in OT is embarrassing.

9. Tennessee Volunteers (vs. #1 Alabama, L 49-10): Woulda liked to see a little better effort at home against Bama. But whatever. Can't ask too much from Tennessee.

10. Nebraska Cornhuskers (@ Indiana, W 27-22): Not sold on the corn yet.

11. Baylor Bears (vs. Kansas, W 49-7): Baylor back to raping things. (Not just women and dogs as Baylor is known to do.)

12. Ole Miss Rebels (@ #22 Arkansas, L 34-30): Swag sucks.

13. Houston Cougars (vs. Tulsa, W 38-31): Houston back to a team no one really cares about. Greg Ward is still pretty sick though.

14. Florida State Seminoles (vs. Wake Forest, W 17-6): Pretty weak win. I'd rather win in OT against NC State than beat Wake Forest 17-6. 

15. Boise State Broncos (vs. Colorado State, W 28-23): My dad's Rams almost got to the Broncos on the blue turf but the comeback came up short. 

16. Miami Hurricanes (vs. North Carolina, L 20-13): Back to Back L's at home for Miami and they're falling apart suddenly. Soooo pretty much just another season down in South Beach.

17. Virginia Tech Hokies (@ Syracuse, L 31-17): Just when I praise VT for a good season, they get dominated by Syracuse...

18. Florida Gators (vs. Missouri, W 40-14): Didn't even know Florida could score 40.

19. Oklahoma Sooners (vs. Kansas State, W 38-17): Oklahoma sucks.

20. West Virginia Mountaineers (@ Texas Tech, W 48-17): Still undefeated.

21. Utah Utes (@ Oregon State, W 19-14): Seems like a sick game.

22. Arkansas Razorbacks (vs. #12 Ole Miss, W 34-30): Good stuff. Screw both of these teams. Don't care about em if they can't beat Bama.

23. Auburn Tigers: BYE

24. Western Michigan Broncos (@ Akron, W 41-0): Welcome to the greatness that is the Top 25, Western Michigan.

25. Navy Midshipmen (@ East Carolina, postponed)

Quick comment on this week's rankings following these games I just talked about. I usually don't care about the rankings until the playoff committee reveals their rankings, but this week was just absurd. 

Here's a list of all the teams in the Top 25 who lost:

8 Wisconsin
9 Tennessee
12 Ole Miss
16 Miami
17 Virginia Tech

Here's a list of all the teams in the Top 25 who didn't play:

4 Michigan
5 Washington
6 Texas A&M
23 Auburn
25 Navy

Here's a list of all the teams in the Top 25 that won by 7 points or fewer:

2 Ohio State
3 Clemson
10 Nebraska
13 Houston
15 Boise State
21 Utah
22 Arkansas

Wisconsin was #8 and lost to #2. I can live with them only dropping to #10 but they're 4-2. That's not a top 10 team right now. Tennessee dropped how you'd expect them to after losing two games in a row, from #9 to #18. Ole Miss though is now 3-3 and even though they dropped 11 spots they're still ranked! Makes absolutely no sense that a 3-3 football team is ranked in the top 25. Miami and VT both dropped out though. SEC is not that good to keep a 3-3 team in and knock out two 4-2 ACC teams (not that either SHOULD be ranked, it just doesn't make sense).

So Washington, A&M, and Auburn all stayed where they were in the rankings. Navy got bumped up to #24 to allow LSU in the top 25 (another SEC school, sick). And then there's Michigan who jumped Clemson.

Ohio State beat #8 so they're good staying at #2 obviously. Clemson beats NC State in OT and gets jumped by Michigan who didn't even play. Nebraska moved up 2 spots, Houston moved up 2 spots, Boise State moved up 1 spot, Utah moved up 2 spots, and Arkansas moved up 5 spots. Clemson barely beat NC State, Nebraska barely beat Indiana, Houston barely beat Tulsa, Boise State barely beat Colorado State, Utah barely beat Oregon State, Arkansa barely beat 3-3 Ole Miss. You could very easily make the argument that of those losing teams in that sequence that NC State is the best team of all of them. And Clemson is the ONLY team who fell in the rankings after winning a game last weekend. Makes no sense at all. The AP basically said that Michigan made a bigger statement by not playing than Clemson did by playing and winning. Insanity! 

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